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Myriam Borg Review | Refund Consultant’s Freedom Business And Lifestyle

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Myriam Borg Review Refund Consultant’s Freedom Business And Lifestyle   Greetings from my office this morning! 🙂 I am currently sitting down checking over my emails while watching the waves roll in over Silver beach in Thailand. And what a sight she is… One of my biggest frustrations is meeting people who don’t dream big enough. ‘I don’t want much, I just want to earn enough to live and support my family…’ Classic… They don’t know just how achievable this lifestyle really … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Review | Refund Consulting Is A Freedom Business, Here Is Why.

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Myriam Borg Review Refund Consulting Is A Freedom Business, Here Is Why.   Refund consultants are professionals who do an amazing service in society. I am proud to have trail blazed a pathway in this industry for many thousands to follow. In many ways Refund Consulting professionals are heroes and heroines of our society, they are serving, serving and delivering MORE vital service and for that, they should be commended. But as Refund consultants, we literally have the best business on earth.  Refund … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Review | How Does Myriam Borg, The Create Australia CEO, Truly An Influential Leader?

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Myriam Borg Review How does Myriam Borg, the Create Australia CEO, truly an influential leader? Myriam Borg, as the Create Australia CEO keeps her refund consultants very focus on results-driven action. A result driven action is a term she coined to mean action that will yield the exact results you are wanting to see, whether in your business, your personal life or your life as a whole. Rather than indulge in wishful thinking and unstrategic busy work, smart entrepreneur,  achieve key results … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Quotes | “To Succeed In Business, Get A Life”

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Myriam Borg Quotes  To Succeed In Business, Get  A Life As an employee or even as an entrepreneur, you’re probably not used to putting yourself first. That’s why today, it’s important for you to know that putting yourself first does not mean neglecting your business. Yes, it’s possible by having a portable refund business that Create Australia can assist you in establishing, a business that allows you to work from anywhere and anytime. So, taking up the Create Australia “refund consulting program” … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Training Program Lets You Live A Life Of Impact

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Myriam Borg Create Australia Refund Consulting Training Program Lets You Live A Life Of Impact. Be a Refund Consultant at Create Australia!  Start your own freedom business today… Ask how: Download our Create Australia Free Report! 😉 We, the Create Australia team can help you: – decide whether owning a freedom business is the right choice for you – identify the skills you need to run a business – access business start-up advice and support services – connect with business system programs … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Business Tip Of The Day: How To Manifest Your Life Success

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Myriam Borg Business Tip Of The Day: How To Manifest Your Life Success   Use your IMAGINATION to visualize the life you want to create because your imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.   The engine of your thoughts! So, every time you THINK BIGGER and subtract the negativity from you… You make room for more positive energy!;) YES, everything starts with your imagination—it is the basis for creating, not only physical things and works of art but also the … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg | SELF-REALISATION Is The Foundation To Balance Your Life.

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Myriam Borg, the Create Australia Founder  SELF-REALISATION Is The Foundation To Balance Your Life. First of all, we should start by looking at all the various aspects of our lives that we are constantly dealing with and trying to keep in balance like our job, personal relationships, family, health, friends, financial growth, spiritual development, etc. Then, ask yourself this question… “Do we able to devote sufficient time and energy to all that important areas in life? Or we just covered one side, and … [ Read More ]

‘Change Can Make You Happy’

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It’s hard to talk about real things like losses. I have lost a good friend to cancer, she was a soul mate. I met her in my beloved Vava’u and the first thing that struck me about her was her loud Sherk laughter, it was her signature:). We clicked straight away and remained good friends for 15 years. Then recently this brilliant woman got sick and within 2 weeks was gone. The thing that saddens me is that she had a huge … [ Read More ]

Greetings from Vava’u!

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  Today I want to talk to you about making changes and reinventing yourself. I am writing this from Port Maurelle Vava’u where my family has a beachfront house in Vava’u….with the Queen’s birthday long weekend I decided to duck off to Vava’u for 6 days for a little R & R. The beach shack as we call it is a gorgeous 2 storey cottage, on 5 acres of beachfront land overlooking Port Maurelle Beach… the beach here is amazing, with very … [ Read More ]

Sea Mercy’s Australian Ambassador

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Myriam Borg | Sea Mercy’s Australian Ambassador Sea Mercy is a floating health care clinic that continuously making a positive impact on many people’s life. Sea Mercy is well invested and contributing directly to the medical/physical well being of remote islanders that have poor access to medical services and basic community education due to the remoteness of the islands. Fast forward six years, as the Australian ambassador of Sea Mercy… The rewards I’m getting from it is that I was able to help … [ Read More ]