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Myriam Borg | Having The Business Career That You Love Is The Answer To A Happy And Fulfilling Life!

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Recent studies show that any man could have the most successful career, financial income, good physical health, and loving relationships with family when they feel good, relax, and totally love what they do. So having the best career that you love is really a useful tool to productively deal with challenges, achieve meaning and well-being! 😉 And for me, there will be no richer businessman or businesswoman than a person who has found his or her labor of love because the goodness of … [ Read More ]

Create Australia Business Is All About Living Your Dreams!

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Create Australia | Refund Consulting Program Business is all about living your dreams, working flexibility and loving life…   Today we want to share our travel pictures, currently in St Petersburg Russia… Guys its a mind-blowingly STUNNING place, a winter wonderland and full of opulence… Check our pictures! 🙂 We toured the cathedrals, one of them was 7kms do you know how big that is!   The beauty, attention to detail and love and care is unbelievable!

How Create Australia Consultants Do Life. YES to great living!

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I got this message from one of our Create Australia – Refund Consulting staff members here this morning which she asked me to pass on to you guys! 🙂   This morning I woke up in a bizarre country surrounded by strange people going about their incredibly DIFFERENT lives! What a way to start off an email I bet you’re thinking. Well, it’s exactly the thought that was running through my head this morning when I looked out the window to see … [ Read More ]

Traveling The USA For Christmas & New Year

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Myriam Borg | Work And Play While Traveling… Ok boys and girls, I wanted to do a post on my recent trip… as you know I always travel AND work simultaneously because it’s my mantra! 🙂 This holiday was also a work and play break in the US of A but I must admit, I took the last week off my US trip completely and relaxed at Laguna Beach Orange County! So here is the break down of my family trip to … [ Read More ]

Happiness is…

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It’s the morning of the 9th of January 2018 and I’m still on holidays, in my PJs lounging on a daybed by my pool writing this; the morning sun is shining and glistening on my pool, I am super lazy and loving it, holding Paulo Coeleho’s recent book ‘The Spy’ am blissed out… I am having a cup of tea and my favourite butterscotch bikkies… I’ve been thinking about how blissed I feel… is that a word or even a correct expression? … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg At Laguna Beach In Orange County, LA

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Work and play should all be part of your day to day, and often times travelling can be cheaper than day to day living back home especially in expensive cities like Sydney or London… LA is so stunning, varied and fun. I went to Orange County the other day, see my pics of Laguna beach here… Can anyone say ‘i love it’! 🙂            Myriam Borg; hanging at Laguna Beach Orange County LA- beach, sunset, waw!! 🙂   … [ Read More ]

‘Less Stress And A More Meaningful Life’ By Myriam Borg

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Did you know that when your professional life and personal life are out of balance, your stress level would likely to rise which is not a good thing for you and your loved ones! And that’s the exact same reason why the Create Australia CEO Founder “Myriam Borg” came up with an idea of creating her fully portable “refund business” in which enables her to work from home or anywhere in a flexible time as she always wanted! Based from Myriam Borg … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg On The Best Places For The Nomadic Entrepreneur To Live, Work And Play

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In this review by Myriam Borg looks at Thailand as a destination for the self employed and mobile entrepreneur.   Thailand is a land of many terrains and tastes, if you like temperate mountainous scenery you can find it in the northern capital of Chiang Mai is an escape from the whirlwind pace of life of its southern rival. Absolutely stunning this former seat of the Lanna kingdom is still blissfully calm and laid-back. This is a place to relax and recharge … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg; My Proudest Moment

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As most of you know, 18 years ago I was broke, 9 months pregnant and clueless. I had a dream to be a mumpreneur and to give my children the best of the best… with NOTHING but faith and goodwill I stayed home and ran a brand new agency, refunding lost money to people, I raised my children as a hands on 7 days at home mother, today that baby that I was pregnant with when I started my journey into being … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program (Changes Lives For The Better)

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Having a child and being a responsible parent is oftentimes the most difficult of tasks, and yet the most rewarding and fulfilling experience a person can have. There are numerous ways a person becomes a parent; by giving birth, fostering, third party reproduction, adoption, etc. But none of them are an easy thing to do because becoming a parent requires huge responsibility and transition on a person’s lifestyle. One big reason that most people are not prepared for being a great parent … [ Read More ]