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15 February 2020

I generally worry about speaking my thoughts, for fear of being misunderstood, but often feel compelled to do it anyway…

Today I want to share my perception of that god awful year 2020… Explaining it starts with explaining numerology, the simplest way to describe the process is that all the numbers you have need to be added until you get to one digit. Then you can decipher the meaning attached to your number. For example, if you add the numbers in 1989 you get 27. That’s a nice number…Two plus seven is nine. Although all the numbers in 1989 do have relevance, the final figure (nine) is most important. The no 9 is the number of power.

Each year, we’re given a number that impacts our experience for that year.

The year sets the tone, and so I have been dreading 2020 for a long time. Numerology says
2020 is a doozy of a year!

Firstly, the presence of double-digits amplifies it all so it’s doubled! So we have 2 twos and 2 zeros.
And the final number when reduced is 4. This is a number I steer clear of, I don’t live in anything that’s a.number 4, I don’t drive a car with number plates reducing to the No4, and when I travel I don’t stay in a room that’s a no4. I am not overly superstitious but the no 4 signifies death & destruction…

So in my heart, I knew 2020 was going to be nasty. I couldn’t imagine just HOW nasty.

After Coronavirus became a thing I thought about the significance of the number 2020… The double zero…zero signifies void, darkness, a big hole… it’s not a number I like.. in many ways I am not surprised.

But here is the thing, I know that. Come 1.1.2021… well we are in a no 5 year.

One of my favourite numbers, its the number signifying family, fullness, and perfection. 5 is an auspicious number, and to be honest I bet that most people cant wait to see this year fade into a faraway memory, so smile because we have 17 weeks and we will start to see new energy coming through, and we will be able to reflect on lessons learned from 2020, a lesson about the value of friends and family and how great it is to work from home, and we will be the wiser for it all.

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