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Woken not broken!

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I am writing this post for the women because I feel sisters may need it. I have worked with the general public now for 32 years, and I love nothing more than getting into their heads and seeing how they tick…one of the big realisations has been that everything in the world is currently upside down, and that’s why the world is a sick damaged place, bordering on mental illness…. You see if you observe the world & nature you will realise … [ Read More ]

‘I Believe in ME’

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When I was 13 I was a shy awkward teenager, with very low self-esteem, I would go to study in the school library every few days, and I saw this poster on the wall. It said ‘ I believe in Me’ I would stare at it between studying and reading and gossiping with friends… For 7 years I would always sit across this poster. It somehow became my mantra. After my high school certificate exams, I couldn’t bear to leave school without … [ Read More ]

How To Get Started Living Life On Your Own Terms?

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How To Get Started Living Life On Your Own Terms?  The first step to living life on your own terms is to know where you want to live and what business provides the best method to create that first step. But if you are one of the millions who have found it extremely difficult to build a career and live your ideal lifestyle, our Create Business  ‘REFUND SPECIALIST SYSTEM’ is an excellent solution! Our business is designed to teach you how to … [ Read More ]

Strategies For Surviving The Global Pandemic Well!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged society and business to new heights! Many small business owners are unsure what steps to take to minimize risk, protect workers, and help customers as the situation develops further 12 months later. So here are several strategies to help you not only survive but strive during the global pandemic… Concentrate on the positive and set up a remote work option. With so many people working remotely, there are a variety of free resources that business owners can … [ Read More ]

Create CEO Speaks About The Way Forward For Post 2020

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Hi guys! Today, I’m doing this video from Anna bay which is Nelson Bay,  Newcastle way. It is a stunning spot and I’m hanging out here for a little while with my family enjoying the sun & surf! This message is I guess really wanting to check in with you to see how you are doing…2020 has been really tough for a lot of people and at the same time, in all honesty, it’s been really harsh on some industries and it’s … [ Read More ]

2020 Its All In The Numbers

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I often worry about speaking my thoughts but often feel compelled to do it anyway… Today I want to share my perception of that god awful year 2020… Explaining it starts with explaining numerology, the simplest way to describe the process is that all the numbers you have need to be added until you get to one digit. Then you can decipher the meaning attached to your number. For example, if you add the numbers in 1989 you get 27. That’s a … [ Read More ]


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Definition of choice 1: the power of choosing: ENGAGING your power of choice 2: the act of choosing: ACTIONS that result in making a choice happen This simple but very effective definition is what (for the most part) makes all the difference in the world. Take a look at any successful person they all make choices, most are good (not all) the main point here is, they (can and do) make choices (even if it’s NOT to go ahead) that is also … [ Read More ]

Myriam says “Are You Missing Money? Ask For A Refund!”

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Do you ever have that feeling that there’s a looming cloud over your head? That same feeling you have when you just know you’ve forgotten something but can’t pinpoint what? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. Same can be said when you feel like you’re missing or owed money but just can’t remember by who, where, or what. Familiar? You’re not the only one. There are approximately $23.7 Billion – yes, billion – of unclaimed funds in Australia alone and a huge … [ Read More ]

Refund Business, The Greatest Home Business of All Time

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Create Business was founded by a Myriam Borg, a business woman who wanted more of her life, back in 1999. A corporate business trainer, Myriam envisioned a life where she shouldn’t choose to juggle between her work and her family. Bearing this in mind and with sheer determination, she found herself in the midst of an industry she wasn’t prepared for – the refund business industry. The industry was silent until she came along, and now she’s helped thousands of people from … [ Read More ]

Create’s CEO Working From Vienna, Austria-working across time zone…

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Create Refund Specialist System CEO & Founder Working From Vienna, Austria. 25 Austrian days & nights Austria is stunning, between the European architecture, the art, the Opera and famous skiing you really can’t fault it for a place to hang. But what about running a business that caters to people on the other side of the world, can you really run an operation on the other side of the world, with entirely opposing time zones successfully? Myriam decided to review the reality … [ Read More ]