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2020 Its All In The Numbers

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  I often worry about speaking my thoughts but often feel compelled to do it anyway… Today I want to share my perception of that god awful year 2020… Explaining it starts with explaining numerology, the simplest way to describe the process is that all the numbers you have need to be added until you get to one digit. Then you can decipher the meaning attached to your number. For example, if you add the numbers in 1989 you get 27. That’s … [ Read More ]


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Definition of choice 1: the power of choosing: ENGAGING your power of choice 2: the act of choosing: ACTIONS that result in making a choice happen This simple but very effective definition is what (for the most part) makes all the difference in the world. Take a look at any successful person they all make choices, most are good (not all) the main point here is, they (can and do) make choices (even if it’s NOT to go ahead) that is also … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Discussed “Are You Missing Money? Ask For A Refund!”

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Do you ever have that feeling that there’s a looming cloud over your head? That same feeling you have when you just know you’ve forgotten something but can’t pinpoint what? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. Same can be said when you feel like you’re missing or owed money but just can’t remember by who, where, or what. Familiar? You’re not the only one. There are approximately $23.7 Billion – yes, billion – of unclaimed funds in Australia alone and a huge … [ Read More ]

Refund Consulting, The Greatest Home Business of All Time

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Create Australia was founded by a Myriam Borg, a businesswoman who wanted more of her life, back in 1999. A corporate business trainer, Myriam envisioned a life where she shouldn’t choose to juggle between her work and her family. Bearing this in mind and with sheer determination, she found herself in the midst of an industry she wasn’t prepared for – the lost money industry. The industry was silent until she came along, and now she’s helped hundreds of people from across … [ Read More ]

Create Australia Refund Consulting Reviews, CEO Working From Vienna, Austria.

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Create Australia Refund Consulting Program CEO & Founder Working From Vienna, Austria. 25 Austrian days & nights Austria is stunning, between the European architecture, the art, the Opera and famous skiing you really can’t fault it for a place to hang. But what about running a business that caters to people on the other side of the world, can you really run an operation on the other side of the world, with entirely opposing time zones successfully?   Myriam Borg decided to review … [ Read More ]

Create Australia CEO Greetings From Filzmoos, Austria!


Happy New Year from Filzmoos, Austria. May 2020 hold amazing opportunity, relationships and fun moments for you.   May you grow and strive. I personally want to thank our customers for their support and encouragement, for giving us great feedback that allowed us to improve and grow further and for being genuine people of integrity. We love you and feel very blessed to have customers of such amazing calibre. Here is to an awesome year y’all! Xox,   Create Australia Refund Consulting … [ Read More ]

Create Australia CEO Skiing @Filzmoos Today

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Jan 2020, Create CEO Skiing At Filzmoos Today, With Really Good Snow And Great Austrian Hospitality After skiing, its sauna and massage followed by Austrian dinner. This winter holiday has been amazing, entering Europe 5 weeks ago via Switzerland, we slowly made our way into Austria- visiting Italy, Germany, and Prague before driving onto Austria- first Vienna then onto the snow Fields of Filzmoos. Soon I will be leaving to head into Slovania. What’s even better than enjoying a 5 week winter … [ Read More ]

A Sober Message This Christmas

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I urge you to pay attention and notice. Critical events that are happening right now and will be common-place in 2020. Here’s what I’m talking about… Analysts just released some shocking figures that are a clear indication of what’s about to unfold in our economy. Australians are going broke at a record rate… • 300,000 Australians are being swamped by debt and hitting the skids fast. • There were 27,058 new personal insolvencies in 2018–19. Aussies went broke in last September’s quarter … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Reviews Episode 1 | Refund Consulting Program Interview

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Refund Consulting Program Reviews: Create CEO Interview On Being An Entrepreneur. – Myriam Borg Reviews – Refund Consulting Program Reviews – Refund Consultants

Myriam’s Favourite Quote | ‘Dreamers Are The Saviours Of The World.’

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  One of my all-time favourite quotes is ‘Dreamers are the saviours of the world.’      I genuinely believe that to be true! I dream and manifest because it’s from your thoughts that incredible beauty manifests into your reality. What is within so it shall be without… What does your reality look like?   ” Because its a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. “