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Ever heard the phrase “ cash is king”? Well, it applies all the more today in our cashless society, where we are tricked into consuming more than we earn! charge it on the card, it doesn’t feel like spending:)…

But what is it about people walking around without cash in their wallets anyway?
Is it a scarcity thing? Are they broke?
Are they scared to carry cash in case they are robbed? I mean seriously?!

Who knows but I tell you, it is a worry… why? Because carrying cash is a positive wealth reinforcement…
It is a lesson I learned from my very savvy businesswoman-mum.

Let me share those lessons with you and explain a bit about this rant and why it’s important to you and ultimately, why it’s important to your financial health.

Here’s a true story…

As long as I remember my mum always carried large amounts of cash around in her bag, in lean times and in great times… she never went out without a lot of cash in her wallet…. she use to say to me as a kid “Mira (that’s her baby name for me) always have enough money on you, it makes you feel secure and it attracts wealth to you” …. my mother was very ‘wealth attractant’… money always just came to her so easily….
So I remembered her words…I have also read a lot of books since those early words of wisdom and here is what I learned: having cash in your pocket is good for your subconscious. You don’t have to spend it, just have a chunk of notes right there in your wallet so every time you open it up, hundred dollar bills stare right back at you, subconsciously reinforcing wealth and abundance.

I know what you will say, hey come on “I have $10,000 in my savings account” trust me…its not the same thing!
Try it – it works.

In our family we do it religiously and I noticed wealthy friends do it too, whether consciously or unconsciously I don’t know but our super wealthy friends all tend to carry cash. One guy, an eccentric American millionaire who has more money than he knows what do with, always has a bulging wallet full of US dollars and other currencies… a hotel chain king has his PA take a bag of $10k everywhere he goes “just in case he needs it” – now these guys can access hundreds of thousands in a few hours – so why carry wads of cash…. and an even better question are they wealthy because of their habit or is their habit a result of them being wealthy? My answer is who cares! It’s a habit that works and I believe they are wealthy because they always reinforce wealth and what better way to reinforce wealth than having a fat wallet full of the green stuff?

I mean, think about it – if every time you open your wallet, there’s no cash inside it, just plastic, what is that reinforcing? Lack of money? Scarcity? Being in debt to the card companies…. it’s hardly abundance, opulence and wealth right:)!

Even if you are struggling at the moment, you can still do this.
When I first started out on my business journey, I kept a hundred dollar bill in my wallet all the time and had one up on the whiteboard above my computer, I even wrote a cheque for 7 figures and put my name on it…. I reinforced wealth BEFORE it started coming my way!

Hey, this wealth strategy is even more important if you have a lot of negative stuff running inside your head concerning money… many of us have had negative ideas placed in our heads around money. Thoughts like “its easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven” or “money is the root of all evil” or “I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable” or “poor people are more generous than rich people”. Let me say it, what a load of baloney!! And this stuff remains in the back of our minds making us wealth REPELLANT!

It’s important to grow and to unlock the shackles of the past and embrace an abundant future. In fact its critical to your financial freedom!

Most people, regardless of background, culture or class, tend to have a lot of hang-ups about money. It’s not until you stop and really think about what is happening or start to see success, that these horrid values start to rear their ugly heads…
So I worked very hard on myself because I was committed to the best possible life for myself and my family.

I read a lot on the topic, I thought and meditated a lot on my own values, what I had been told about money and wealth and what I really believed…
Today I have a lot of strange little habits that reinforce wealth and I tell you, IT WORKS!

I am very visual so I have a lot of pictures in my bedroom, office and gym (anywhere I spend a lot of time) of all the things I wanted – guess what? They all become attainable very quickly when you are always looking at them. I don’t know whether it is focus or something more profound but let me say it again IT WORKS, no matter how big the want is! This is a 30 year old habit that delivers. I do not watch or listen to anything that reinforces fear or scarcity.. I do not watch the news, I do not have commercial TV in my home (its simply not connected) and I do not ever default to emails or sites that have the current news flashed on their landing page. You might think it’s weird but I keep my mind uncluttered and outside the negative fear based BS – again it works, so I do it. The results speak for themselves.

I keep a lot of cash around me, in my wallet, in a money plate we have in the living room, in the kids rooms etc…..yes, if you came to my house you could be forgiven for thinking money was growing on the trees but that’s the idea isn’t it….

Abundance is reinforced throughout my life because guess what… we all have the same 24 hours in the day, we can all access the same resources opportunities and choices… what makes the difference? What separates the rich from the poor? It is what goes on inside their heads!

So that is where success comes and how success eludes people.

So that’s my 2 cents worth for today, I would love to hear what you think.

Are you one of a million others that consumes more money than we earn?
Talk to me today – let me help you change that mindset and start attracting your wealth.

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Warm regards xo