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Create Business Refund Specialist System Founder Says…

Did you know that the quality of your life is defined by the questions you ask yourself? It’s true. The thought came to me this afternoon, while I was getting my daily 1-hour massage by the beach…

If you haven’t been following I am currently in Thailand for the a few weeks…

Yep, that is my son and I in the picture above enjoying incredible Krabi… Obviously on school holidays and I am taking the opportunity to see a place I had never truly explored.

Where was I? Oh yeah… Quality of life… Now there’s a small statement that has DEEP and SERIOUS meaning and ramifications to us all. Because Quality of life is everything right?

The cost of living in Australia goes up every year, but most of the time, our wages don’t… So how does the average person do it? How do you live well rather than just survive?

The truth is, the average person doesn’t expect any more than survival, NEVER questioning it in the first place. and this is where the block lies. They’d love to have a better standard of living… They’d love to be able to go out and buy whatever they want, they would love to travel the world & explore…

So why don’t they have it?

The Truth… They don’t ask the Right Questions…

You can either limited yourself or expand your life’s options by the questions you ask yourself. They make you accountable for your actions and results… But asking the wrong questions… Can cause you to end up with very different results.

Think about it for a second, the people around you. The people who never question their standard of living… The ones who ask NO questions… And therefore progress no where. I think we all know people like that. The person who dreams big but questions small.

So what questions should you be asking?

I realized that BEFORE I started living my dream life of travelling & working and working while travelling …I actually made a big shift in the questions I started asking myself…I went from asking: “I can’t travel and work can I?”

To asking… “What would it take for me to travel and work at the same time?” And you know what… Almost straight away… I found the answer!

So how can you start doing this? If you have a dream… All you have to do is ask yourself repeatedly ‘What if xyz?” or “What would it take to xyz?”…

“What would it take for me to earn $130,000 a year while xxxx?”

“What if I could spend more time at home with my kids and earn six figures?” “And what would it take?” Once you realise it’s doable and quantify what it would take to do it, then you can actually plan towards it.

Happy questioning to you! ?

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