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I have a few favorite words, words that I find have great meaning in my life, I’m sure you will also have a few words of choice. One word I really like is ‘congruent’. It means harmony, agreement, truth.

If something is congruent, it means a truth. We’ve all seen it (and maybe done it too!) where someone professes to be something, tells you something and then you see them doing the exact opposite! What fakes!!

Listening to someone spout on about how healthy they are, how they “quit sugar” and feel amazing. Yet, you see them two weeks later stuffing a cinnamon covered doughnut in their mouths!

I’ve seen a married couple, both successful authors, each with multiple divorces under their belts that are now divorced from each other, whose specialty was dispensing relationship advice to couples!! What the???

Are these people congruent?

Not one bit! No way!

The fact they don’t practice what they preach makes them fakes… right? Maybe not…..

Should you still take their advice? Probably. Their advice is created by facts, possibly by study and research….often, many years of the latter. In a lot of instances, their advice is still worthy.

The divorcees, for example… yes they are divorced because that was the right thing for them, it doesn’t mean though, that they don’t know HOW a relationship should work, what makes relationships last and how to get through hardships together. It just means that they may have worked out they needed to be apart and that they separated in an amicable way.

So in reality, we see many people offering advice to others that don’t necessarily follow their own advice (or can’t).

The flip-side of the advice giving coin are those who live and breathe what they preach. People who have often built their own foundations from what they say, it’s the cornerstone of their existence. These people offer a great passion because they truly believe in what they do. They walk their own talk.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

It’s the same with our program.. this business was created from conception by one person, one idea, one goal….it has now been shared with many who wish to achieve the same. Those that believe in themselves, put the same passion and fire into their being and work the business, supported and backed by the same passion.

Have you decided which type of advice giver is best?

Too easy!

Those that are not congruent to their words of advice….they are successful yes. There is much research to prove this point.

lets get real exhibit A; Kardashians… do I need to say anything more:)

BUT…..those that practice what they preach….they too are successful, yes. The difference though being that believing in yourself, emits a magnetism that draws like-minded people to you, people will FEEL your enthusiasm, your self-belief, your passion….. you will become the biggest asset to your business, you are your very own walking-talking preacher.

Your word is your bond. never break it.

walk your talk, be congruent.

Now go and spread that word!

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