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Myriam Borg: Life Without Boundaries; Work, Rest & Play!

My name is Myriam and I have been a work from home mum for the last 23 years, it started when I was 29 years old, I was commuting to the city everyday for my bring office job, the return trip to and from work alone was 3 hours. I had a 4 year old who I left at 5.30am every morning and picked up at 7.00pm every night…. It was no life, I spent the weekend recovering then I found out I was pregnant with my second child! That’s when I went into a melt down, I was barely managing before, how was I going to do it with a toddler and a new born baby I kept thinking? As it turned out life had good plans for me and the pressure of those months of me thinking “what am I going to do when I have to go back to work” were the best investment.

You see I was very MOTIVATED to find the perfect business to provide me with the money & time to enjoy my kids & my lifestyle.

I looked everywhere for that perfect home based business and frankly all I found was utter garbage! Then one day, watching TV an idea came to me, that idea changed my life forever. Within 6 months I was earning 3 times my salary, working from a home office that was a just desk outside the kitchen of the tiny unit we were living in at the time. Within 12 months, we moved into our first home in a leafy affluent suburb , by 18 months I was buying my family a brand new 3 series BMW full option. Today, I live a lifestyle of my dreams, and my children (and I had moreJ!) have the very best, not just in what money can buy but they have had their mum at home since they can remember. Can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have done that for my family or how totally grateful I am for that journey.

I have pursued my passion for travel with vengeance. You see a good home based has to be portable! My kids have seen the world, we go to Tahiti for a months at a time, sail the Caribbean for months at a time discovering new places, we loved Tonga so much we got a beach house there so we can go and “hang out” any time, I have just returned from a 4 week trip to India, trekking around mountainous Uttrakhand, visiting mountain villages with the awe inspiring Himalayan mountains all around…. my kids lived Tonga, Koh Samui, and Italy for short stints- and travelled to 43 countries… and THAT’S what I wanted for my children… do you think a corporate job could have allowed me to give that to my three babies? No. A corporate career would have taken me away from those who are most important to me.

I talk about my mother getting very ill, and it taking 22 months to bring her back to us, back to her home. 11 years ago the doctors said  ‘switch off her life support, let her go’.. I said NO. My career choice allowed me to be in ICU with her for weeks on end, to stay daily with her while she recovered fully… thats the sheer power of a profitable business you can run from your phone!

I enjoy different cultures , foods and meeting new friends – that’s how life is suppose to be lived!

Now the interesting thing, my home business never skips a beat, i had my laptop in my bag, and my phone on international roaming, and I made more money in the last 4 weeks while touring India than I did the 4 weeks prior while being “at work” in my home in Australia…. If that is not freedom I don’t know what is?! Whats more I certainly believe if I can do it ANYONE can! If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself, ditching your job and starting a home based business, or even developing a second income stream then I have got fantastic news for you.

I have developed one of the best programs to enable people to do just that!

The Refund Specialist business is an excellent option for a first time entrepreneur, millions of hard working Aussies, Kiwis and Americans are for first time faced with fewer job working prospects, and starting a home based business just might be the best option.

Refunding is one of the few business that place so little emphasis on your previous background (eg: your age, sex or race is unimportant). Stated simply the people who succeed are the ones who know how to go about it. you can live any where and work it any time. Now the best thing is you can start this part time or full time….

So go on follow the road to freedom to find out more.

Call us on 1800 61 71 11  Or international +612 8916 6480