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Life, if you live it long enough with enough observance and humility is .....magical. I really think life is just an exercise in manifestation. What do I mean by that? I mean if you can be crystal clear on your goals, and are able to hold to them faithfully for enough time, with faith and work towards them, then they materialise... The trick to being an earthling is that it takes a bit of time. Everything points me to that conclusion. I will be transparent here, I had very little capacity to bring about the life I dreamt of. I was no genius, I didnt have money to start with... and none of that is actually needed. All you need is a vision & a will. listen very carefully- A strong vision, retained in your minds eye, for as long as its realised.. and a strong will, will imprint your vision on reality. read that sentence again. its the cumulation of all my learnings. I didnt get it at first, I would have a vision of what I wanted... I would keep it in my mind, because it's my day dream- then slowly ideas of how I can achieve it start to seep in, I action them... they pull you, you dont need to push.... That picture is the realisation of one of those visions. As a young mum, I kept dreaming of a beach house, with sand for the kids to play, and a nice long jetty... at the end of it sits a boat- something big enough for the fam to go discover hidden coves. I am obsessed with water (I am mediterranean after all:).. nothing beats the sun sparkling like diamonds on the water surface, and there is nothing quite like the salt from that water on my skin. So, I dreamed it, and one day. I was going for a drive, and found 'that' house I was dreaming of. I wrote a letter, (yes using pen & paper asking if they would consider selling their house and left my mobile number), I didnt wait too long, that afternoon they called me, yes they were thinking of selling actually... would I like to inspect it? Would I?! OFCOURSE. The rest as they say is history. That is how manifestation works. Its not magic, its not luck... its a process. And it happens again & again & again. So the questions that need to be asked if this is not how your life unfolds are these. Do you know what you want? and is it true to you, is it something you love... almost like 'in you blood'? are you attracted to it, and deeply desire it... are you faithful to it until you realise it & integrate it into your world? if your answers are yes, yes... then you and I are part of that small club of people who live to dream it and then live it. I agree with James Allen ' Dreamers are the saviours of the world' xx