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As you guys know I am currently travelling, as I head out of South Korea to Milan I want to share with you some of my thoughts… As you know I think a lot – and as I watch people I cant help but think if thy ever feel like they are living a lie?

Do you feel like there is something else you are meant to be doing?

Are you living the life you dreamed of or are you living someone else’s dream?

We are raised from a young age to compromise, and to restrict our very being to comply with what mum/dad/older sibling/friends/the media/teachers tell you is ok… in that process we lose our true selves…

We go through life lost; whether successful or failures we are often unhappy…. we feel disconnected.

Do you relate? Are you living a life you do not really LOVE or seem to just have “fallen into?”

Often we are so busy being busy, that only on occasions, when that sense of hopelessness dawns on us, do we get an inkling that we are not being true to ourselves. Then we think what options do we really have? We have to pay the bills, feed the kids, etc etc., but still, you are painfully aware that:

* You do not like what you do. You feel like you are going through the motions of life and not really living. You dream of doing something different.

* You dream of a different life than the one you are living.

* You feel trapped.

Life is too short and precious not to live it on your terms. If you know you are living a lie also know you can change it.

First you need to own it. This is the life you created by your own choices. If this thought is not comfortable to you, get comfortable with it. Because if you play victim of circumstance, of ‘Mum did this to me so I’…. or ‘My dad did this so I’ … or ‘I am s single mum my ex screwed me so I…. as long as you place blame for your current life outside of yourself you can never change it. Accept where you are. Decide what really would make YOU happy and what would nourish your soul. And then make a realistic baby step plan towards it.

Wishing you a future filled with happiness & genuine fulfillment.

I will be launching a new program by end of this year called ‘Break Free to Your Truth,’ the program will be trialed with only 10 participants, so look out for more details when we open application. This program is the first of its kind, and will incorporate specific techniques I used to come to realizations, to create plans and to manifest my dreams into reality using core principles including those found in the Bible, the Kabala and cutting edge NLP practices. Watch this space.

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