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September 2019

I am writing this post for the women because I feel sisters may need it. I have worked with the general public now for 32 years, and I love nothing more than getting into their heads and seeing how they tick…one of the big realisations has been that everything in the world is currently upside down, and that’s why the world is a sick damaged place, bordering on mental illness….

You see if you observe the world & nature you will realise that it is the woman that creates, dreams and births everything! In the natural world, the feminine is the creator, feminine naturally leads, not with masculine ego, greed, and immaturity but with a gentleness that is to be female.

So in order for the world, for the family, for you to be well… We need the female in power supported by the male. That is the natural order of things, the feminine dreams, plans creates with softness and details and is supported by the male to manifest that vision to reality. Just like the act of creation is a female act assisted and supported by the male partner. ‘ “we” are never pregnant’. A woman gets pregnant, and her body houses and nourishes the baby until birthing… And then her body continues to nourish the newborn… So the lies need to stop. The woman is the creator, the man is an activator. Once you understand this dynamic, you can achieve amazing things through your relationship.

In my observations which are in the thousands, when a woman is disempowered, when her wings are clipped when she gives her sovereignty to her partner, that relationship is always broken. Not sometimes, ALWAYS. Underneath the thin veneer of niceness, lies resentment, anger, fear, undermining, it’s always ugly. A man that needs to control his woman, to keep her wings clipped does not respect her. And without respect, there can be no true love. And the cycle goes on and on and the women who have given their power away are often left by the man or they wake up too late very angry and tear the whole thing down.

A woman ‘in her Power‘

I believe that the female is a powerhouse, it is from her that all things come, she is the life-giver and at times the destroyer. It is time for you to rise, to be a woman in her power. But what does that mean…do you need to be a butch badass?

I am not sure if you have seen my videos or watched me, but I have never ever handed my power over. I was born a woman in her Power… If you see me you know I speak softly, I am very feminine and very soft-hearted, but I understand the power of being a woman, so I hold my power, unbroken, unyielding, and free. I do not ask permission for my decisions like EVER. I do not concede to a male. I am woman; soft, gentle, visioned, and boy you should watch me roar:)

In my experience, the only way to a truely successful relationship, the only way to a better world is for women to take back their sovereign power as the leaders and to hold it as the great creators they truely are. Only then will our world and society be well again. Because the male ego world we live in is very sick and will only get sicker….. in many ways it’s our duty as women to our kids and our society to take back power….It might need many meditations, much soul searching, and a lot of rewiring of your behaviour but to be truely free, to stand in your power, that is what it really means to be a woman.

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