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Myriam Borg

Create Business Refund Specialist System Makes Life Worth Living

Having a portable business means I can enjoy amazing experiences while still running a business. Look, it’s not easy, it’s not for everyone but for those hungry for a LIFE WORTH LIVING then this is the way to do it- a portable business that has minimum overheads.

So far I have travelled to 27 different countries with many like Tonga, Tahiti, and Thailand I have been to many many times…

Currently, I am exploring Bangkok this is our 3rd time in Bangkok, am staying at the Anantara hotel on the river.

Its magical, hussle bussle- and lots of amazing shopping.

I don’t mean Australian style shopping, no no this is next level:) I went for a coffee and nearly walked out with a new Porsche car…

Yes, luxury cars sell in the shopping centres here!:)…

I need to come back for at least 3 or 4 months to really get the sense of Thailand. So that’s on the agenda. I love their cuisine ( I prefer Samuian cuisine), love their culture and how bloody smart the country is run, Thailand has zero national debt, zero loans to the world bank, and runs in surplus for well decades now!…

Frankly, it makes Australian political processes and management of our first world nation Australia look like an utter joke.

So here are some pictures of my shopping and trips around the place. Loving it:)

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