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Greetings from Saigon, Vietnam… Waw what a buzzing amazing city this Ho Chi Minh!

I am discovering Vietnam leading my extraordinary life.

I have often reflected on my belief that we are the creators of our reality, and yet that there is predestiny involved. I know this can get confusing but bear with me.

I believe that we are given intuition and gut feelings for a good reason. We get indicators as to whether the pathway we are travelling is the one which will make us live in joy and purpose. You see, silly people think life is purely about achievement and wealth. That’s so tone deaf. Achievement and wealth are a direct result of living with purpose and joy, doing what you are destined to do… and to that end, I can say I have been exceptionally blessed. I have followed my gut and chose the path that called me… and as a result, I live in joy.

I am not deluded I know people struggle, get confused, and most wouldn’t know what true joy or fulfillment actually is…the closest they come to it is faking it for onlookers. But truth is, it is easy. It doesn’t require a high IQ or massive analysis or even great effort… to follow your version of wonderful you need to let go and follow what comes and beckons you. It’s how life works when you are intuitive and working with it…

Each year I write this message in a different way… I direct clients to it, he who has ears let him hear… the path to living well is exceptionally simple and I have seen enormous success achieved through this simple formula of being open, listening to your gut feeling and when life opens that new pathway, leave the old and follow in that act of faith lies greatness itself.

How many of you fake things for Facebook or others or dig your heels into life/career you hate or copy cat someone else hoping to achieve what they had…does not work.

Open your heart, open your mind, live in integrity and ask to be led towards your joy. You interact with life and it interacts with you. If it really likes you it literally hands you everything you dream of. So let go a little, have faith in your destiny. And focus on enjoying the process, with passion and joy.

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