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5 May 2019

When I was 13 I was a shy awkward teenager, with very low self-esteem, I would go to study in the school library every few days, and I saw this poster on the wall. It said ‘I believe in Me’ I would stare at it between studying and reading and gossiping with friends… For 7 years I would always sit across this poster. It somehow became my mantra.

After my high school certificate exams, I couldn’t bear to leave school without it, I went to the library and took it off the wall. I then went to the librarian and I said, today is my last day and I am taking this poster because it means a lot to me… I had 25cents in my pocket and offered it to the lady as payment, she refused and told me to take the poster. That poster with 4 simple words has been my mantra for 40 years.

Here is what it means to me

  1. No one is gonna come to save me, I gotta save myself
  2. I can do anything I put my mind to.
  3. I am born alone and I die alone and I have got to rely on me to get me from A to B.

I carried this poster now for over 40 years, from House move to house move, it sits in my office today.

4 words got me from being a shy girl who didn’t speak any English, who wanted to just disappear from shyness to today, a successful multi-millionaire with success across every sector of her life.

Because all I need is this; ‘I Believe in ME ‘

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