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Woken not Broken!

I am writing this post for the women because I feel sisters may need it. I have worked with the general public now for 32 years, and I love nothing more than getting into their heads and seeing how they tick…one of the big realisations has been that everything in...

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The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged society and business to new heights! Many small business owners are unsure what steps to take to minimize risk, protect workers, and help customers as the situation develops further 12 months later. So here are several strategies to help you not only survive but strive during the global pandemic… Concentrate …

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What A Blessing…..

Today I want to talk about emergencies in life, you know when drastic things happen, your partner gets sick, you elderly parent(s) need care, god forbid you are diagnosed with an illness that needs you to slow down…. you can’t maintain the same work pace…the same lifestyle… well does your life fall apart at that …

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Hi Guys, I am currently island hopping the stunning South Pacific and my office environment changes, depending on what I am doing around the balmy palm tree islands of the south pacific island group of Vava’u – but no matter where I am I mix up work & play, fresh coconut juice in one hand, …

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I have just come back from a 5-week break in the South Pacific, taking time out and lying in a hammock reading, and just staring out at endless shades of blue ocean day in day out. It’s so therapeutic… you get affected by the people’s super laid back mindset, and you slow down. You aren’t …

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