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Create Australia CEO Skiing @Filzmoos Today

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Jan 2020, Create CEO Skiing At Filzmoos Today, With Really Good Snow And Great Austrian Hospitality After skiing, its sauna and massage followed by Austrian dinner. This winter holiday has been amazing, entering Europe 5 weeks ago via Switzerland, we slowly made our way into Austria- visiting Italy, Germany, and Prague before driving onto Austria- first Vienna then onto the snow Fields of Filzmoos. Soon I will be leaving to head into Slovania. What’s even better than enjoying a 5 week winter … [ Read More ]

A Sober Message This Christmas

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I urge you to pay attention and notice. Critical events that are happening right now and will be common-place in 2020. Here’s what I’m talking about… Analysts just released some shocking figures that are a clear indication of what’s about to unfold in our economy. Australians are going broke at a record rate… • 300,000 Australians are being swamped by debt and hitting the skids fast. • There were 27,058 new personal insolvencies in 2018–19. Aussies went broke in last September’s quarter … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Reviews Episode 1 | Refund Consulting Program Interview

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Refund Consulting Program Reviews: Create CEO Interview On Being An Entrepreneur. – Myriam Borg Reviews – Refund Consulting Program Reviews – Refund Consultants

Myriam’s Favourite Quote | ‘Dreamers Are The Saviours Of The World.’

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  One of my all-time favourite quotes is ‘Dreamers are the saviours of the world.’      I genuinely believe that to be true! I dream and manifest because it’s from your thoughts that incredible beauty manifests into your reality. What is within so it shall be without… What does your reality look like?   ” Because its a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. “    

Myriam’s Waw Moments At Sunworld Ban Nan Hill

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So strange how when you don’t know what to expect in respect to a travel spot, just how much it can take you totally by surprise!   Danang was that kind of place, my family & I landed 3 days ago from crazy Hanoi ( I loved it), and promptly e-mailed my staff announcing that having driven into Danang, it looked just like the Gold coast… only a little hotter. And that was not a compliment.   But in all fairness, I … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Travels | Back To Nam, So Happy To Be Back!

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Well, guess what I am back in Vietnam! Myriam Borg Travels (February 2019 Vietnam Travel) So for the second time this year, I find myself in Nam. Ho Chi Minh or as it is still locally called ‘Saigon’ beckoned me… and here I am, so huge shout out to you from Ho Chi Minh City, I hope you are having a great week. I’ve been back in Vietnam for a week now having visited in early February and deciding I LOVED the … [ Read More ]

Refund Consulting Business, Freedom To Travel East Or West

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  If you love the idea of having the freedom to see the world, to live a kinder gentler lifestyle, around the people and hobbies you love… Then you must stop and consider becoming a refund consultant! Refund consulting program is an honorable & fun profession. You feel that you have a purpose, you are doing right by others and earning great income which is a double bonus. Myriam Borg founded the Refund industry in 1999 and has been instrumental in helping … [ Read More ]

There Is Nothing Like Good News!

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Yesterday I was snooping around my office when my PA got a message from our receptionist- a client of ours asked us to return her call urgently- so of course she did-I decided to listen on (being the snooped that I am – hahaha) This particular client who had come on board about 15 months ago wanted some urgent changes made to her website which we manage for her as part of our ongoing customer support and commitment. We made the changes … [ Read More ]

Greeting From Vibrant Saigon…

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Well, I have to say Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) has been full of surprises! Its hussly, full of flashing lights and glamour mixed with bad roads and insane traffic… The first day I got here I literally waited for 15 minutes trying to cross a road… And even then I had to semi-close my eyes and swear repeatedly under my breath as I dodged motorbikes & cars… Fast forward to last night, and I was crossing major roads to get around … [ Read More ]

Reflections From Saigon, Vietnam

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Greetings from Saigon, Vietnam… Waw what a buzzing amazing city this Ho Chi Minh!  I am discovering Vietnam leading my most extraordinary life.  I have often reflected on my firm belief that we are the creators of our reality, and yet that there is predestiny involved. I know this can get confusing but bear with me.   I believe that we are given intuition and gut feelings for a good reason. We get indicators as to whether the pathway we are travelling … [ Read More ]