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Have you ever noticed how two people would undertake to do the exact same thing and yet somehow yield very different outcome? Have you ever seen seemingly very ordinary people attain more success than those who have undergone significant training & expertise? Has the line, “I don’t know how he/she does it, but it sure does work!” ring a bell?

The thing is, a lot of people often look past something that is called Alchemy. You see, alchemy is one’s capability to visualize reality and translate it without the need of something tangible or physical. To put it simply, this is what people often call the X-Factor.

This X-Factor component allows a person to, in essence, think outside the box. To be able to envision things that is outside the norm. Are you getting it? X-Factor makes it possible for an individual to be bold enough and creative enough to do something that has never been done before. It’s the component that kick start a process called “leaving the herd.”

If you’ve heard of concepts like Law of Attraction, where you somehow WILL something into happening; will a dream to turn into reality, then that’s exactly what Alchemy, THAT’S what the X-Factor do. The best part of it is that it’s not just in some of us—it’s in most of us, not just the selected few. With Alchemy, you are literally creating your own future—your own destiny. All you have to do is to envision it and be creative in attaining it and making it happen.

The secret to it is in the FOCUS – it’s in your “knowing” EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, that you almost feel it and taste it. In fact I knew long before I drove my first brand new BMW out of the show room that it was going to be light blue with leather interior and a sunroof. I had a picture of it on my wall, you see, & I went to visit it in the show room often :)…. I was dead broke, but guess what in less than 8 months I drove it out of the show room. When you focus with intent & emotional intensity, “life finds a way” to bring it to you.

It is a law of manifestation. It takes thoroughness, focus, commitment & emotional intensity to attain… but it’s definitely something that is happening in people’s lives. Think about it, I’m pretty sure you yourself have experienced it time and again. The key is to embrace it and integrate it into your life. What unfolds is a stream of infinite potentiality that will allow you to start creating as well as co-creating opportunities that will then in turn give you substantial results.

Embrace the words I am sharing with you here and you may soon find yourself taking on a completely different attitude and outlook as well. If in the past life was all about struggles and obstacles, you may get taken aback at how swiftly you change things for yourself. Excuse the cliché, but it does seem like a snap of a finger.

I have applied this secret to bring about all my dreams… from that first BMW some 15 years ago, to right this very minute as I book a trip to the South Pacific to design my island home. My dream vision about six years ago was “I want a perfect island, close to town by boat, within protected waters, and somewhere I can really relax and enjoy.” I kept looking, focused and intent in dreaming and planning – but in reality life has just delivered! Sure, you must have valid concerns about thought processes and the real world being two very different things but think about it: what would you have to lose if you try it on your everyday life?

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