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The Biggest Con of All Time

This may be one of the most critical articles you will ever read. You may want to go get a cup of tea or coffee. If you are naughty and reading this at work, tell the boss you are on a very important deadline and can not be disturbed. Then, read this slowly, think about it and then re-read it again. It’s that important.

Listen up. The most valuable currency EVER is TIME. It’s all we have from birth to death; the time in between. From the moment of your first breath at birth, the clock starts ticking. The sands start to fall down the hour glass. The fuse of your life was lit and starts to burn down.

Time is the most valuable universal ‘currency’. Period.

You spend the most valuable asset you have–the most valuable asset there is–the “TIME of your life, and you trade it for little colourful bits of paper. It becomes a vicious cycle, of spending your time to get money, so they can keep going just so you can spend MORE time to get the money you need to do it again & again and again and again…

In fact, for the best hours of the day, everyday, for the best years of your entire life!

Understanding of this parallel truth is one of the most powerful insights you can have. When it comes to time and money, you start to realize that money can be made instantly and is a man made concept; an energy representation symbolized by a piece of paper. However, you soon realise that the only thing you have in life is time.

However, you grow up and soon you realize that you need to ‘pay’ for things like food, clothes, etc. and they require MONEY.

So to get “Money”, you start trading your MOST precious asset, YOUR TIME, for the bits of paper you need.

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What law of nature requires that you work hard, and waste the BEST years of your life at some stinking job? Why do you have to make money in the way “THEY” say you have to make money?

Here’s where it gets really tragic for most people.

They don’t go beyond this stage. They spend most of their valuable asset, the most VALUABLE ITEM–the time of their life–simply trading it for money. It becomes a never-ending treadmill of spending their time to gain money day in, day out; year in, year out; decade in, decade out. Tragic!

No wonder people are stressed out, disappointed, and angry. They are simply not having “the time of their lives”.

Here’s what SMART people do…

First, they REALIZE it.

Then, they do not rest until they set themselves free from the slavery of that treadmill.

They find smart businesses that allow them the time and cash to have “the time of their lives”.

This becomes their priority. Because without mastering and taking control of their time and money, they are simply slaves.

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The biggest con of all times is the stealing of YOUR most valuable asset–your TIME–and giving you some colourful bits of paper (money) in exchange! Please don’t sit there being passively lulled while your time is being stolen from you, while your very life is being stolen from you. ACT, ACT, ACT.

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What ever you do, NEVER stop trying.


Myriam Borg

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