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I’ve gotta tell you that up until about 22 Years ago, I perceived life and money as a real struggle. I came from a Professional family. You know, well educated professional parents, but life was not easy, finances were always tight, we never holidayed overseas, and never splurged. I couldn’t get it. Here were my parents. They were professionals. They spent years & years at university studying really boring stuff, they had to keep these skills updated constantly by attending more “professional development” courses. On top of that, they had to work very long hours and bear huge responsibility (as most professionals do). To thank them for being hard workers, the government taxed them to the hilt! They never lived in abundance; No. it was always work hard/ pay bills…

“Humm lets see” I kept thinking. Is this what I want for MYSELF? It’s kind of mad don’t you thnk?? The short answer is “HELL NO!” The long answer was “I don’t know any other way of doing it. If I don’t do what my parents wanted, if I don’t study hard, get good marks at school, get a university degree & get a good job and then work really hard… “How else do I ‘make it’, there has to be a BETTER way??”

I did go to university & got myself that colourful bit of paper. In fact I became an educator. But that question “how else do I make it, there has to be a better way??” never left me. It took me over 12 years to figure it out. Today, I have my own family, and I am pretty much doing it my way. It was fun, if you like extreme stuff! Through what I learned is literally priceless, I learned some things that made me grow into a better person. Mostly I’ve learned about myself and now I am thankful for being a rebel, for questioning the status-quo and for daring to try life from a different angle.

Here’s my summary of the essential lessons I gained along the way this far;

Know what YOU really want, always play to win, and don’t buy into every one else’s BS and for god’s sake don’t listen to well meaning friends and family (unless THEY are leading the kind of life you’d like to lead)! Sounds simple. But that is where most people, including myself, fall down!

It’s so hard to know what you really, REALLY want isn’t it? However, this is a critical first step to success, knowing what make YOU happy and what dreams you want to materialize in your life. Lets be blunt if you don’t know what you want. How are you going to get it? You need to be VERY clear about everything you want right down to the last bit of detail. For me, it was a clear vision, simple things like the kind of family & home you want to create, all the way to frivolous things like the car you want to drive. New BMW thanks. Which now sits in my garage. Such is the power of clear vision.

Know EXACTLY what you want & then go about planning its fulfillment. Simple.

Make your peace with money…

You heard it right! What most of us don’t realize is that “Money” is such a powerful subject for us, we all have very strong opinions about it and while most of us spend up to 80% of our lives just producing it, we tend to live in denial of its importance to us.

“Money is not important to me.”

“Money means nothing to me,” I hear people say, but they “slave” away for it every day just to make a small handful of the “stuff” and then tell me a different story. It says ‘Money is our lifeblood”. Why else do you get up at the crack of dawn on a cold, miserable Monday morning to battle traffic or worse, stand on a crowded train for 45 minutes just to get to a job that you mostly hate. I think it has to do with the money don’t you?

At this point, I suggest you get honest about money & have a good look at how you view money, having lots of it & your perception of wealth.

If you think all rich people are thieves & scum bags for example, subconsciously you don’t want to be a part of that. It’d be good guess you have some really negative feelings about money that are holding you back from making any serious money. This area is about soul searching & getting really deep to see how you feel about money. For me, I found it really hard to accept the justice in the fact that some people really struggle to make $40k a year while others can make that in a month with little effort. To accept it as fair was a personal battle for me. Truth is, these feelings have sunk many an entrepreneurs who just couldn’t marry their values to their earnings or their deeply rooted ideas to their ambitions.

AND ALWAYS Mind your Own business

That’s right. I totally believe that to grow, be more or to make a ton of money you MUST be in business for yourself. The independence & self reliance involved in doing it your own way is liberating & if you are well researched, and prepared with a lot of determination to succeed then you’ve got a good start. You don’t have to go and buy a 300 thousand dollar business. You can start a small enterprise for a few thousand dollars, from home on the side & grow it into something more. I have done just that several times and I need to take about 6 steps from my bedroom in the morning to be in my (home) office. Let me tell you, It beats commuting on that horrid train at 7:00am of a gloomy Monday morning any day!

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