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I was sitting down reflecting on my personal and professional successes to date, and there’s been many. It got me thinking.

What is the REAL secret to success? Assemble any group of the population. In a business sense, it could be your industry if you’re in one.

Assemble your entire family if you like.

Take 100 of the richest people on the planet, take 100 of the best tennis players, pick any small country town, any sales force, and the following is what you’ll discover that’s universally true.

You can divvy the population up in the various groups I’ve described and many other groups, and here’s what you’ll find:

5% are stars

15% are pretty damn good, and

80% are losers and clueless in a sense

If we apply a monetary calculation to what I call the 95/5 rule, it’d go something like this:

5% of any niche or industry finish up with 95% of the wealth.

15% of that niche or industry should be ok as long as they don’t do something stupid (you know how easy it is to do something stupid).

80% graft out a living. And, if you examined 20% of that 80%, you’ll find that they’re virtually broke and clueless. In fact, so broke they can barely afford to pay attention.

The 95/5 rule holds up in sport as well. If you think about tennis and golf, for example, 5% of the elite finish up with 95% of the money. 15% do ok, and the remaining 80% make up the numbers.

Interestingly enough, if you take away all the wealth from the 5%, and divvied it up among the 80%, the 5% will get it all back, and the 80% will mess it up.

It’s not that the 5% is so exceptional or necessarily gifted in some way. It’s more so because the 80% CHOOSE to be so unexceptional.

That’s why when members of the bottom group win the Lotto, they don’t seem to get any lasting benefit from their win.

It’s the same when they’re given money, or if you spend money on them.

So why is this so, and what is the REAL secret?

The REAL secret is that it’s not a question of money, time and resources. History proves that there’s more money and resources available today than at any other time in history. Yet, the 95/5 rule has been constant, literally from the beginning of time.

In spite of every advantage that we have today that you can think of, like technology, god (him or herself)…

Nothing has changed.


Why? The REAL secret.

Because it never has been a question of resources. It will never be the right time to be successful. You’ll never have enough time, you’ll never have enough money, there will always be resources missing… Your ducks will never line up.

The REAL secret, the less palatable REAL secret that gives you nowhere to hide, and no one to blame, other than yourself, is because the REAL secret is:

It’s actually a question of CHOICE, and BEHAVIOUR.

You see, you actually have a choice of which group you are a member of. And your behaviour will determine if you’re a 5er, a 15er or an 80er…

Interestingly enough, these 5%ers and 15%ers are, in every other respect, just as ordinary, boring and dysfunctional as the masses. Their list of flaws are long.

What IS important about them, is their commonalities.

Which are a by-product of CHOICE and BEHAVIOUR.

Although unpopular, this IS the REAL secret.

No need to FIND yourself placed in a group, instead, you have the POWER TO PLACE YOURSELF. Failure to do so will only cost you time you can’t recapture, pain, loathing and money. Don’t waste your time Contact me now.

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