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Well, I have to say Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) has been full of surprises!

Its hussly, full of flashing lights and glamour mixed with bad roads and insane traffic… The first day I got here I literally waited for 15 minutes trying to cross a road… And even then I had to semi-close my eyes and swear repeatedly under my breath as I dodged motorbikes & cars… Fast forward to last night, and I was crossing major roads to get around bikes like it was nothing, amazing the skillsets you can develop when you have to!

Saigon is amazing and insanely congested- alleyways within alleyways, getting around is good for keeping you sharp, again in a few days I went from I will never find my way back on foot, to thinking ‘ hey I feel like a local’… Again adaptation is incredible!

And then, of course, there are things which you REALLY notice. Like the fact that a lot of people wear masks in public due to the pollution, not the norm in Australia so it takes you by surprise.

Then you notice that there is 5 motorcycle on the road to every car, locals ride bikes here! Firstly they are cheaper to buy and run, and secondly how do you get in those alleyways? Only a bike fits in…

The other shock you will get is the hyperinflation! I went to buy my first Vietnamese roll in Vietnam ( talk about yummy!!) the street vendor says $20,000 thanks… Fancy paying $20,000 for a sandwich! Well, it’s not equivalent it’s they inflation.i bought a cheap t-shirt $400,000 Dong, a nice pair of shoes 600,000 Dong, got my hair done that was 1.8 million thanks!! It does shock you the way they casually say $3 mil dong when you ask the price! Hahaha…

Then there are the temples- yesterday I went to visit Thien Hau / holy Mother temple. The Holy Mother is a seer and helps with intuition and foresight, she is the patron of sailors and travellers, no wonder I felt so connected to her. The atmosphere was lovely and I felt very touched … Somethings you just feel. I put up incense coned and large incense sticks and prayed for those I love.

In Ho Chi Minh Vietnam there is Saigon and then there is sector 7. Sector seven is how the other half lives. It’s uncongested, the homes rival the best in Vaucluse Sydney or Toorak Melbourne, the roads are clean the parks are plentiful and very green… You get my drift if you have upwards of USD$3million you can live on another level. Not so communist after all hey:))!

And then there is the food, my favourite flavours are Vietnamese, I love their fresh herbs, and wholesome flavours and Ho Chi Minh has like a billion street open restaurants… What can I say I fasted 4 days in Sydney so I can enjoy the flavours guilt free.. And it did not disappoint…

In summary, I love it so far… and will keep you posted from time to time:)



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