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Today, I’m going share some big lessons on launching new business ventures….so when you purchase our Create Business Refund Specialist Business, you will already be streets ahead.

Lessons I didn’t learn from textbooks but by actually having learned them from my own experiences, experiences that you won’t have to face now you know what they are.

When launching a new company, you need energy and commitment. Frankly, if you’re not willing to put in the hours, especially at start-up, you’re best off with a job, not a business. The Create Business Refund Specialist System is a business you need to dedicate your time to in order to progress quickly and start making some serious money.

You need to take a leaf out of my book, with this business (as with any) you need to get into business building mode, when I’m in this mode I don’t even think about taking a break, I don’t even think about taking holidays….in fact, taking a holiday is the last thing on my mind… I’m too busy getting stuck in and you need to learn how that commitment alone, made to yourself, will be one of the biggest SECRETS you will learn.

Time is limited, that’s why SPEED is such an important thing for so many reasons. You need to push hard, especially at start-up, to get momentum. You need speed to get the runs on the board and to fill you with justifiable optimism. This momentum is what will carry you through the first few months in your new business, it is quite possibly one of the most important lessons because if you go slowly, the business will too and you might find yourself faltering along the way.

Don’t let that happen! Keep your motivation and enthusiasm alive – be that REAL entrepreneur! The Refund specialist system is the tool you will use to become that entrepreneur… the rest is down to your commitment.

It’s like fishing… if you go and catch nothing, not even a slight nibble, it’s disappointing. You go the next day and still catch nothing… you will inevitably not really be that eager to go a third day! You will have to find your motivation to be able to make another fishing trip. You’d be telling yourself to fix up your line differently, try an alternative bait, or whatever…but you would find a way to be able to drop that line in and catch your fish!

You see, doing that in life means you can transfer that to business! Oh yes, you can! The beauty of uur Refund Specialist System means you only learn what you need to learn once, then just drop your line in multiple times, over and over and catch those big fish!

Keeping that momentum is critical. You have to multi-task, have many refunds on the go at once, juggle your time. It’s the price you must pay for success. This momentum gets results quicker, you might have some knock backs but the more momentum you build, the more business you will bring in.

FOCUS – another secret to starting up: 80% of your time must be focused on producing volume to bring in those refunds. Don’t worry about the office furniture or a great location. Don’t worry about putting in complex and costly systems.

Get the business first

Get the money in

You can then look at your ‘nice to have’ things. Stay focused. This process should NEVER be delegated. Sure, delegate the grunt work; but we should always be the marketer of our businesses.

Here’s another little gem for you – successful entrepreneurs thrive on organised chaos, juggling lots of different things at the same time, winning those clients, earning that money. Real entrepreneurs don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t worry about how the office looks or what chair they sit on!

Think of your business as a restaurant kitchen…. Churning out delicious dish after delicious dish, several chefs all working together, focusing on their end goal of that beautifully prepared meal for a paying customer…..if you don’t think you can stand the heat, then don’t go in the kitchen!

So… what are you waiting for? Get that money coming in… hook, line and sinker!

To your success always!

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Myriam Borg

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