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Yesterday I was snooping around my office when my PA got a message from our receptionist- a client of ours asked us to return her call urgently- so of course she did-I decided to listen on (being the snooped that I am – hahaha) This particular client who had come on board about 15 months ago wanted some urgent changes made to her website which we manage for her as part of our ongoing customer support and commitment.

We made the changes on the spot,( this is how fast our team works for our customers). Our client, let’s call her Lauren, was telling us how she is doing so well handling approximately 25 refunds a month that she has had to employ her sister to cope with the growth. The bit that made me smile was that she is following in my footstep, she has placed her children in private schools thanks to her new business profits & took the entire family overseas for a month break to the United States. I listened & couldn’t help thinking “you go girl!”

She is sending us her testimonial so you will hear it from her own mouth in good time- but I couldn’t help but feel overjoyed because the only thing that makes me really giddy is hearing that customers are KILLING it in business duplicating our business success!

When I hear stories like that I think woohoo one more person liberated from “wage slavery” via our Freedom business system, so YES!

When I started in business I have made 3 solid commitments;

  1. To be instrumental in ensuring that tens of millions of dollars are refunded to their rightful owners each year
  2. To assist people who are serious about succeeding in this industry, as much as I am able.
  3. To never compromise my lifestyle for profits, in other words, to stay true to my initial goals regardless of growth

Myriam Borg Speaks About Barriers To Success

So every time I hear about a client’s resounding success, I feel proud, every time I think about how much our Refund agents are returning to their clients it reinforces my commitment.

And that is what its all about isn’t it growing as a person, as a business, and as a community.

If you have any questions about The lost money industry we are here to help, simply email us via the contact us link HERE and we will be in touch

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