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Refund Consulting Business, Freedom To Travel East Or West

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  If you love the idea of having the freedom to see the world, to live a kinder gentler lifestyle, around the people and hobbies you love… Then you must stop and consider becoming a refund consultant! Refund consulting program is an honorable & fun profession. You feel that you have a purpose, you are doing right by others and earning great income which is a double bonus. Myriam Borg founded the Refund industry in 1999 and has been instrumental in helping … [ Read More ]

There Is Nothing Like Good News!

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Yesterday I was snooping around my office when my PA got a message from our receptionist- a client of ours asked us to return her call urgently- so of course she did-I decided to listen on (being the snooped that I am – hahaha) This particular client who had come on board about 15 months ago wanted some urgent changes made to her website which we manage for her as part of our ongoing customer support and commitment. We made the changes … [ Read More ]

Greeting From Vibrant Saigon…

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Well, I have to say Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) has been full of surprises! Its hussly, full of flashing lights and glamour mixed with bad roads and insane traffic… The first day I got here I literally waited for 15 minutes trying to cross a road… And even then I had to semi-close my eyes and swear repeatedly under my breath as I dodged motorbikes & cars… Fast forward to last night, and I was crossing major roads to get around … [ Read More ]

Reflections From Saigon, Vietnam

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Greetings from Saigon, Vietnam… Waw what a buzzing amazing city this Ho Chi Minh!  I am discovering Vietnam leading my most extraordinary life.  I have often reflected on my firm belief that we are the creators of our reality, and yet that there is predestiny involved. I know this can get confusing but bear with me.   I believe that we are given intuition and gut feelings for a good reason. We get indicators as to whether the pathway we are travelling … [ Read More ]

My Secret Weapon To Wealth; Meditation…

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I was very hesitant about writing this topic, because I was certain I will be misunderstood as for most of us, the topics of meditation and money making seems worlds apart from each other…. but in fact that’s not the case the power of interconnectivity of everything in our world and my personal belief that I am the creator of my own reality, it starts to make sense. Meditation is the silent powerful force of will. The power of meditation can be … [ Read More ]

If Anything Is Possible…

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If Anything Is Possible…  By Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Founder Answer this question honestly Besides your paycheck, what does your job give you? Does the work you do fulfill you? Most people get nothing out of their job besides income, socializing with their coworkers, happy hours, a few benefits. Their job is the thing they do so they can have a life – but they spend more time at their job than they do anywhere else. If you ask most businesses why … [ Read More ]

Did You Catch The Story On 60 Minutes?

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Did You Catch The Story On 60 Minutes? Australia has always been known as the lucky country, these days we can’t even rely on our super! I was sent this video this morning by a current client and it really made me think twice… It’s a detailed video by 60 minutes on why Australians need to stop relying on their super to help them retire… Watch it NOW>>> I was shocked and horrified that hard working Australians wouldn’t be able to afford … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Of Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Says Greetings From Vanuatu!

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  Myriam Borg Of Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Says…   Greeting From Vanuatu! 🙂  Or as the locals say ‘Salut de Vanuatu!’   For 19 years now Myriam Borg has walked the talk, running her business from many countries, today she is working and playing in Vanuatu!   In 1999 I started a journey that changed my life, I created my own freedom business, and in the process created a whole new industry, setting up refund consultants that act as agents … [ Read More ]

Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Founder ‘Myriam Borg’ Says That The Quality Of Your Life Is Defined By The Questions You Ask Yourself

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  Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Founder ‘Myriam Borg’ Says… Did you know that the quality of your life is defined by the questions you ask yourself? It’s true. The thought came to me this afternoon, while I was getting my daily 1-hour massage by the beach… If you haven’t been following I am currently in Thailand for the a few weeks… Yep, that is my son and I in the picture above enjoying incredible Krabi… Obviously on school holidays and I … [ Read More ]

Create Australia Refund Consulting CEO ‘Myriam Borg’ Reviews | How The Mobile-preneurs Do It!

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How The Mobile-preneurs Do It Create Australia Refund Consulting Program CEO and Founder ‘Myriam Borg’ Reviewed! Greetings from Koh Samui! I’m counting down my last few days in paradise and I’ve been getting a lot of questions filtering through my inbox asking me ‘how do I become an online business owner?’ ‘how do I attain lifestyle freedom?’ ‘I want to travel and work from my mobile, where do I start?’ So I am calling this post… How the mobile-preneurs do it! Truth is, … [ Read More ]