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Woken not Broken!

I am writing this post for the women because I feel sisters may need it. I have worked with the general public now for 32 years, and I love nothing more than getting into their heads and seeing how they tick…one of the big realisations has been that everything in...

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As most of you know, 18 years ago I was broke, 9 months pregnant and clueless. I had a dream to be a mumpreneur and to give my children the best of the best… with NOTHING but faith and goodwill I stayed home and ran a brand new agency, refunding lost money to people, I …

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In this review by Myriam Borg looks at Thailand as a destination for the self employed and mobile entrepreneur. Thailand is a land of many terrains and tastes, if you like temperate mountainous scenery you can find it in the northern capital of Chiang Mai is an escape from the whirlwind pace of life of …

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Did you know that when your professional life and personal life are out of balance, your stress level would likely to rise which is not a good thing for you and your loved ones! And that’s the exact same reason why the Create Business CEO Founder “Myriam Borg” came up with an idea of creating …

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Live A Life Of Freedom And Excitement While Running A Portable Business We can’t deny the fact that we are living in a society where almost everything is instant and portable. From portable television sets and portable restrooms in some countries to instant noodles and instant messaging. Name it, it’s out there! Surely, this isn’t …

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