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Hey guys, I spent yesterday touring Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

I felt like I was walking through history, well because I literally was… I walked through endless villas preserved through the volcano and reinstated to amazing archeological work where you can see Roman villas from 79 AD, amazing fresco work on walls and columns, marble tables and chairs that survived even urns and storage facilities as well as vineyards and gardens… and of course the famous figures preserved forever in the volcanic ash that survived from 79 AD. It made me think, how our lives are so short. If we are lucky we might get 60 years where we can really effect change or leave some form of legacy. The vast majority of us just live and die and within 100 years we are completely forgotten, leaving no real footprint on the earth, no indication that we actually existed at all. I don’t know why that thought fills me with dread. an unmarked life…..This is why service is so so important because it leaves some footprint for the average man or woman, every bit of good work done to serve another person, to better another’s life will have an impact that we do not fully see when we do that service, that we can not even envisage at the time,  but the ripple effect of services can be wide reaching and will leave your footprints on the world long after you leave it behind.

One of the core things I looked for in the home business I chose was to be of good service, to add positively to another human being’s life. As a lost money refunder, I was putting money into other people’s pocket, I was adding value to other people’s lives on a daily basis and that is a HUGE plus!

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