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It’s the morning of the 9th of January 2018 and I’m still on holidays, in my PJs lounging on a daybed by my pool writing this; the morning sun is shining and glistening on my pool, I am super lazy and loving it, holding Paulo Coeleho’s recent book ‘The Spy’ am blissed out… I am having a cup of tea and my favourite butterscotch bikkies… I’ve been thinking about how blissed I feel… is that a word or even a correct expression? ‘Blissed out’? Who cares I think… to me it sums up how I’m feeling… blessed, happy, grateful, at ease and at peace.

I reflect about last year; brilliant year and think about what I would love to do in 2018. But all my little wants, all my dreams, goals, actions are really about me pursuing what is a common goal- there’s really only one thing we all want; To Be Happy, we all just take different paths to getting there. For some, it’s finding the perfect partner or to have a lovely family for others, it’s having a balanced life, or to seek adventure or a successful business – what is it for you, right now?

Truth is happiness is in those moments like the ones I am enjoying right now. Sun on my face, readings favourite author, drinking my white tea… that is a joy.

We all want to be happy, yet for some reason, in the smallest and most simple things in life, we don’t ‘allow’ ourselves to see or feel those moments of happiness, that are generally free and right under our nose, because instead, we allow what we’re unhappy with to consume us.

If you want more happiness in life, to begin with, you simply need to allow yourself to take in the beauty of the moment, and allow yourself to do that without the thoughts of everything else you think you should be doing getting in the way of that moment, or pulling your attention to the things going wrong in your life, that you feel are so important you have to immediately fix them before you can be happy.

You and I could be associates, or we may never have met, you could even be checking me out for the first time, but that doesn’t matter because whoever you are I wish for your happiness 2018 and beyond xo

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