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Create Business Refund Specialist Founder ‘Myriam Borg’ Lessons In Customer Service

‘Service With Love & Humility’

I love the Thai people’s capacity to serve. I first learned the lesson of great service from my first trip to Asia. You see serving with integrity is one of the greatest virtues. And a great secret to the successful trading that’s done in Asia. On my first trip to Asia 17 years ago I learned what it is to serve from a place of humility and genuine need to meet your customer’s needs. Very unlike the American ‘I will serve you so you can give me a big tip’ or the French ‘ screw you’ style ( which I find amusing actually!), or the Australian ‘ I think am serving you but really I am serving myself’… The Thai love to meet your expectations because serving is an honor to them. It’s a matter of pride.

This lesson was highlighted to me last Thursday when I walked into a very high-end Jewellery store and immediately fell in love with this brilliant Diamonds and Natural Pearls set. Tres Moi:)

But they didn’t have earrings to match, none that I liked- and I was flying out to another part of Thailand 10 am the very next day. I was upset because I would want it with matching earring… So the owner of the store picks up the phone and calls her designer/ Jewellery maker, asks her to come right over. 15 minutes later the designer is with us at the store… She asks me what I would like? Well, I picked a little diamond flower earrings and I said this flower with say 5 drop diamonds and a black pearl…I quickly drew it up. The designer went to the back and brought out different gems, different diamonds different pearls… I grabbed a few and within 10 minutes knew exactly how it needs to look… ‘ This diamond flower, these drop diamonds these pearls, but I leave tomorrow morning and its already 5pm now I moaned’ the designer who I must say was one of the most beautiful Thai women I had ever seen smiled and said ‘ no problem you will have your earrings by 9’… ‘ 9 am tomorrow I can pick them up? I asked excitedly’ ‘no’ she said, ‘9 pm TODAY, I will have them ready for you in 4 hours!’… I was floored.

They serve. And before you start thinking this is because they needed my sale, let me tell you this is not the case at all… The lady owner whom I had a great rapport with didn’t need my money she owned one of the largest steel product companies… She was a multi-multi multi-millionairess. So why go to so much trouble to meet my little whim? Because the gorgeous Thai people know the way to true wealth is through unconditional service. Her humility and generosity of spirit made my soul smile… Mental note to self I must be more like that!!

Sure enough, 9 pm I went and picked up my set- with my perfect matching earring.

That interaction made me a friend who I will get to know every time I go to Thailand, and when she comes to Australia which she does often. But more importantly, it reinforces that lesson of the extra mile, walking the extra mile. How far would you go to see a customer beaming from ear to ear? Great lesson. ?