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Woken not Broken!

I am writing this post for the women because I feel sisters may need it. I have worked with the general public now for 32 years, and I love nothing more than getting into their heads and seeing how they tick…one of the big realisations has been that everything in...

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How To Deal With Anger

For about 70% of our existence, we all operate from a subconscious level, on autopilot  and understanding this is essential to changing or attempting to improve your life, especially to people who maintain daily routines for our work from home.  When there is a burst of sudden emotions or when we become angry, blood flows directly from our front …

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Seoul, Korea I love travelling to new places. Traveling is a way to challenge one’s self, to remain flexible and fluid. I am not a flexible person by nature; I like things done my way so you can imagine when that ideal is challenged, then I am  really challenged. There is no better way to …

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Find A Job You Love

As you guys know I am currently travelling, as I head out of South Korea to Milan I want to share with you some of my thoughts… As you know I think a lot – and as I watch people I cant help but think if thy ever feel like they are living a lie? …

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Money Making Tips

Money Making Tips From The Best Home Based Business Worried about money? Are you running out of cash? Don’t give up; it’s not yet dooms day. Check out how you can turn your fate from the best home based business. The effect of the credit crunch in the US and the global economic turmoil has …

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