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The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged society and business to new heights! Many small business owners are unsure what steps to take to minimize risk, protect workers, and help customers as the situation develops further 12 months later.

So here are several strategies to help you not only survive but strive during the global pandemic…

Concentrate on the positive and set up a remote work option.
With so many people working remotely, there are a variety of free resources that business owners can use to keep their teams and customers in touch and working even though they aren’t in the same place.

Limit meetings and travel.

Make every effort to limit the chances of contracting the virus. Any customer and team meetings should be postponed or held virtually. Any conferences or other scheduled business travel should be avoided. Because if your customer and team members become ill as a result of travel or meetings, you can face a liability problem, as well as low morale and sick leave requests.

Enable team members to be flexible.
Schools, offices, supermarkets, companies, and commercial centers are all closing throughout the country. You’ll need to be flexible with your customer and team members’ schedules as the nation moves closer to complete lockdown. When their child’s daycare closes, some team members can be forced to leave abruptly. Others will have students who are unable to return to school after their spring break. When something unexpected arises, try to be as understanding as possible, and have a backup plan in place in case you find yourself short-staffed.

There are more ways to reconfigure business strategy during the pandemic…

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