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  1. The power of choosing: ENGAGING your power of choice
  2. The act of choosing: ACTIONS that result in making a choice happen

This simple but very effective definition is what (for the most part) makes all the difference in the world.

Take a look at any successful person they all make choices, most are good (not all) the main point here is, they (can and do) make choices (even if it’s NOT to go ahead) that is also a choice.

On the other hand, people who find life a struggle and never seem to get ahead are most often people who make NO choice, they are fence-sitters they wait and wait (because the timing is never perfect) guess what the timing is never perfect FULL STOP not for these people or the successful ones.

Missed opportunities you only get so many

The best anyone can strive for is to minimise the negatives and maximise the positives, by engaging in well thought out strategies, following proven models, and seeing and seizing opportunities when they exist.

But even if all these elements existed the vast majority of people are simply paralysed (by perceived fears) and therefore seem to be unable in making a decision.

How many times have we all seen and heard people missing opportunities that were right under their noses, the universe can only do this so many times in a persons life until its too late?

Your time for choice is right around the corner

In the next few weeks you will be presented with this opportunity, it will be in the form of your tax return, which you can simply spend or leave in the bank (which is better) or you could looking into investing that into your future, that is your choice.

I would highly recommend that you look into the refund industry as this is an industry that has truly come into its own and the opportunities for bright, enthusiastic business-minded people have never been better than it is right now.

What is the refund business anyway?

The offical record sows is that there is over 20 billion dollars of lost funds that rightfully belong to Australian citizens and should be reunited with the owners. Globally its $98 Billion+

You may have come across a number of ads either on television through social media or the press that suggests how simple and easy it is for the average person to go on and search (and be re-united) with their lost funds.

However, like most things in life, it’s not as simple as a push and click of a button there are many obstacles the nuances that have to be traversed to ensure that you get a positive outcome.

Many people who had tried the do it yourself approach have become frustrated and disillusioned with the process and have simply given up leaving rightful funds sitting there.

It’s easy when you know-how!

For over 20 years now Create Business has been assisting people all across the country in getting there long lost funds and founder Ms. Borg recognised there was a need in the marketplace for a business to assist the public in their requirements.

Many of us have misplaced (superannuation or rental deposits bonds) which the professional Refund Specialist from Create Business have been trained in how to quickly ascertain their position, status and assist in getting those funds reunited.

This is your choice right here, call and find out!

For in-depth information as to how Create Business Refund Specialist business model works and how this may work for you…e contact Create Business on 1800 611 111