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Break Out and Head Towards Success

Everyone professes to wanting to be rich and successful. Slowly, one realises that all people PAY LIP SERVICE to wanting to be rich and successful – But the truth is that most people did not ACTUALLY want to be rich & successful.  The truth was that most people held negative values and thoughts towards wealth and wealthy and successful people. They didn’t all say it out loud, but many thought the rich were “corrupt” “greedy” and “dishonest”, many of them feared success and wealth “ the reality of being wealthy means responsibility, to manage the money, to understand investment, to tax plan, to asset protect”…. for many this is just “too hard” they think “who “needs it” and frankly, if you are clueless, if all you have ever done is lose money you don’t have a track record of success to support success or wealth…. when they think of themselves as wealthy they have fears that “everyone will want a handout” that “ they can be robbed”, etc.Now if any part of you thinks rich people are “corrupt”/ “greedy” / “dishonest” then your subconscious will do everything possible to make sure you are NOT part of that group. So while you are saying  I’d love to develop wealth your negative beliefs on wealth and wealthy people will always separate you from wealth and being a wealthy person.  Internally, if you have mixed feelings about success, wealth and money, you are already sabotaging your chances of any success REGARDLESS of what effort, what vehicle and what things you might be saying you want.Mostly you are unaware of it, you just think your trying hard but darn, you just fell short, or you are just so gullible and get ripped off or you had bad luck “but hey, “you’ve tried”. This is the loser’s mantra. “I’ve tried really hard, but Damn”….. LOSERS justify, they place blame outside themselves 100% of the time because they are too weak to say the truth, I know this hurts.

People that succeed are hungry for success they want to be rich and love all things that wealth represents. They know that wealth equal freedom, and that the wealthy are the most responsible people on the planet. ..

Now, if you Just had negative thoughts about this last sentence stop and examine your feeling about wealth and the wealthy… People who become rich are absolutely committed to being rich. period. They do not waver from that desire and they are willing to do whatever it takes (as long as it is legal and ethical) to become rich. They have a no bullshit policy when dealing with themselves!

Underachievers have plenty of excuses why they can’t do it, why it won’t work, why it’s not worth it and why it is just too much trouble. They are professional Blamers. That’s why they stay poor. Most of their excuses seem logical on the surface like “ i don’t have the time to create wealth”, “I can’t afford it” and my favourite “Money is not that important to me” ….. I said these excuses SEEM logical but they are actually illogical cop outs!

Everyone has 24 hours in a day equally, you make time for your favourite TV show don’t you? people take the time. The “I can’t afford it” excuse is the worst, most of the world’s rich started from ZERO or even worse a minus position!    They find a way. For example,  when I started out I was $630,000 in debt,  I was about to have a baby so I was not working, and I had a toddler at home, my partner had just lost his job. I had all the excuses I could want – but they didn’t stop me…..and for the last excuse the “money ‘s  is not important to me” – I must say what utter, utter rubbish.

If money was not important to people then why do they slave at a thankless job 7am -7pm,  5 or 6 days a week for the best years of their life…..

I think it’s to do with  “MONEY”, don’t you? ….. “holier than thou”  attitudes relating to money are a) lie and b) what keep you separated from making any  real money…I mean you “say” it’s not important right, that “you don’t need it to be happy”  right? …… then you mustn’t mind the fact that you don’t make too much of it, right? Wrong! Ahhhh. So Money is important. In fact very important. Well then be honest and say that.

But as I often say the deciding factor is commitment.“1000% no excuses,  never give up” commitment. Most people never truly commit to being rich. If you asked them “would you bet your life that in the next ten years you will be wealthy” most   would say “No Way!”, and that. That is the difference. It is precisely because people won’t truly commit to being rich that they are not rich and never will be.

People say “ hey, hold on there I work so hard, I try so hard, of course I want to be rich” and I would say “ trying hard means nothing”  are you absolutely committed to being rich. Are you willing to put everything   you’ve got into it? or do you have limits?   Most people who are not financially successful have limits on how much they are willing to do, how much they are willing to risk, and how much they are willing to  sacrifice.

They may think they are “willing to do whatever it takes”  but upon deeper examination they have plenty of limits as to what they are really willing to do to get rich.  As I have stated many times before anyone that tells you that being successful and rich is a stroll in the park, that you can do it in your sleep is lying to you. I hate being the one   to say this in a sea of dream weavers telling you that you can make money while you sleep, or whatever but in my experience getting rich takes effort, work, focus, bulldog tenacity, financial risk, a never give in attitude and a belief that I can be wealthy and that in fact   I deserve to be wealthy.

From a distance rich people look like they are just living a life of total leisure. They live in great big luxury homes, drive amazing cars, holiday a lot,  have a lot of staff and help…. seems easy right?  I mean, if only you  can buy that magic pill so you can live  that life of leisure and luxury.   Wrong. What you don’t see is the long,  long hours, the weekends spent working, the massive sacrifices, the level of risks taken….  ask yourself,  are you  willing to risk all your money?

Are you willing to work 16 hour days 7 days a week? Are you willing to sacrifice time spent in hobbies and fun activities? Rich people are willing to pay the price NOW so they can have more freedom in the future.. I know this post won’t be popular. But it is the most honest outline of what it really takes to be successful and wealthy.

If you are still committed to being successful and wealthy after read this, then you are on your way.

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