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What is Success

Take it from me…. a mum of three, working from home in this awesome business being able to give my most precious commodity to my children…. my time.

You might have your own definition of success. For you, it might be the shiny new car, the large house, the exotic holidays….but how do you achieve these things? How do you become successful? The road to success in anything you do isn’t an easy path but believe me, it really isn’t rocket science either!

There are formulas or patterns that the most successful people in life use and the most critical is quite simple…

Focus your attention on what YOU are doing!

Do this with a clear mind.

Engage your emotions – connect with your purpose.

You must do these things without the interruption or change of focus on what others around you might be doing. You must ignore those around you, their endeavors and issues, in order to truly focus on your purpose. Like me with each of my children in turn, I focused on them individually (and still do!), despite the collective we make as a family unit and any external influences that might shake the balance. You have to ‘turn on’ a similar instinct (become that lion or lioness with your business!) when on the path to success. You must not be deterred along the way.

People will try to pull you in different directions but like a guided missile, you need to continue the same flight path until you reach your destination…keep that target in your sight at all times!

Firstly, you need to have a clear vision of direction.

Secondly, you need to create your clear target – S P E L L it out – what exactly and precisely, are you aiming for?

Lastly – STAY FOCUSSED!!! People who are successful do not deviate from their mission. Look at the space landings or medicine…they all start with a CLEAR, PRECISE, ACCURATE and TIMELY goal.

Is it easy to ignore what other people around you are doing, what advice and help they think they are providing? No. It’s not. We are more likely to gravitate towards our friends or family, who mean extremely well and want nothing but the best for us BUT look at them first (nicely and smile of course!)… are they the picture of success that you want to achieve?

Be very careful of comparing yourself to others…. Social media is something that allows us to view others highlights in life but yet we only see those highlights, we don’t see what hard work has resulted in those highlights. It’s a developing problem! Some have named it Social Media Envy (SME)! Well….YOLO (yep, I’m right into text-talk!!)…..

Getting wrapped up in social media just leads to way too much negative emotion…. I don’t go on those exotic holidays, I haven’t got the flash card or house…and on it goes….until you’ve become consumed by others lives!

Fact? YES!

Are you the only one? NO!

There are studies that prove it, you’ve only got to look at Facebook for one day and see it…I take calls and emails from people all the time, people who are focusing on these negatives who feel inferior to the lives others are living. It happens, I see it, I hear it….social media does not only plant seeds of doubt into people’s minds, these ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ become embedded in peoples subconscious… with catastrophic results.

Don’t let this happen to you! All negative emotions, particularly that of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ is what WILL prevent your attempts at successfulness. It is destructive, it intensifies your feelings of failure… before you’ve even begun really. Become a master at spotting this negativity and get rid of it before it takes hold.

I know…… I know you’re busy, I know you have a list as long as your arm of ‘to do’ jobs… house, kids, pets, work, shopping, DIY…… yep, I get it! I live my life too you know….

You have to, no, MUST, ABSOLUTELY focus on you, what you are doing, what you want to achieve… ignore what anyone else is doing. Concentrate!! Don’t compare yourself to ANYone….. keep on that pathway… your pathway….remember…. it’s that simple concept… put everything you know into action so you achieve YOUR success.

Make this simple rule your mantra, practice, practice, practice and then when you think you have mastered it…. practice some more! You will develop behaviours that drive you forward on that successful path. You will grow brain memory of these behaviours… a bit like Pavlov’s dogs (look the experiment up)… you’ll soon know which thought to feed!

Look, most people don’t want to read how to be successful, they just want it to happen. It will not just happen, there is no magic wand but there is a magic formula inside each one of us, we just need to unlock that formula, follow others – ONLY others who have already achieved success (not some ‘wannabe’ or ‘gonna’ or ‘should’a’!!). Make the distinction between yourself and those types of people. Stay friends, by all means but don’t look to any of them for your own success.

Make sure you take the time to ‘unplug’ yourself from social media, go analogue for a while…see the results for yourself… don’t indulge in other people’s lives that are consumed by ‘selfies’ or holiday pics or how amazing their cooking is or new house, or car or whatever….. just don’t let it consume you and your focus.

I have switched off a lot of the time, I don’t get involved in fruitless activities, I simply search inside myself for that clarity and inner strength and instead of dreaming about the car, the house, the money…. I DO IT daily and live it daily and have it daily.

You CAN do it, you CAN have it all… the road won’t be easy but it will be SIMPLE….. just follow the real, true leaders of this world and you will have your SUCCESS.

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