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The coffee industry is a global industry. It’s monstrous in size. You can’t even imagine. The money in it is insane, that’s why it gets you rich very easily. And you’re competition is most likely local…  so it’s very, very limited and there for  very lucrative, did you know that? ?

I like business pictures like that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Here’s the Picture in the Refund Industry, Huge global pie –  with tiny local competition, AND embarrassingly low overheads  (Get the picture ) all this = a fighting chance to actually succeed and strive! Its common sense really!

80% of business fail. Why? Because you got a very small pie and lot of competition. External. This one, it’s reverse! What was the reverse of what happens in most businesses and why they fail? You got a huge pie with very little competition. So in looking for my very own business, that alone has been a huge tick for me!

After hours of browsing through magazines for possible home business opportunities, I found just the right business that emulates what I’ve observed happens in the coffee industry. 

Here’s the Picture in the lost Money Refund Industry, Huge pie – tiny local competition, embarrassingly low overheads  = a fighting chance to actually succeed and strive. Its common sense really!

With unrecovered funds, you got a mom and pop industry that does fund refund individually so you’re not competing with big firms and big corporations. You are in a business that does not rely on sales or marketing. you have a captive client base, millions of them-  you know where they are, and you can easily monetise them, So when you find yourself in a multi billion dollar industry  and you’re actually not competing like you would in regular business… you have a reverse situation to regular business, suddenly the odds are stacked in YOUR FAVOR,  most local businesses in Australia have global competition. You got tiny little Australian industry,  and you have your local competitors and then you get overseas firms coming in here and competing for that Aussie dollar too.  Cn you see why thwy say 80% of businesses fail, because REGULAR business is a SLAUGHTER!    That’s not the case with lost funds at all…..and if you cant see that by now, you really should leave this site.

You know, the reason why I always say if I made it in business anyone can is this-  I started in business when I was 8.5 months pregnant… and with a toddler and I had zero capital in fact I was $350,000 in debt so that’s MINUS $350,000. I was young and my biggest ambition then was this; I wanted time with my kids and wanted to earn a decent income at the same time. that’s it. that was my greatest goal 15 years ago. Being around my children, and having money to look after them well was critical to me as a 20 something year old mum,  You don’t want to have kids just to hand them over at 5am for someone to raise and then take them back at 8pm… that didn’t make sense! I wanted to be around my kids… I call it organic motherhood. To be with them, do things for them, just hanging out. I wanted to be in their environment, I wanted them to absorb my values and be connected to me. and that is exactly what I did, and much, much more…. by being a home based refund consultant.

The refund business can be done from home and is fully portably. Portability means huge freedom, just taking your laptop anywhere and bahham! you are at work. huge plus. HUGE!  it means I can go and travel… and live in different areas in the world,  Your dreams can be totally different from mine, but having the odds stacked in your favour when choosing your business vehicle, having a portable business where your phone on roaming and laptop on wifi and you’re in business anywhere anytime- that is an awesome feeling that you never get over. I haven’t yet!

there are  slavery businesses and there are freedom businesses. There are industries on the path to extinction and industries in exponential growth, you need to assess and make smart choices because its the choices you make that dictate where you end up a few years later.

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