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January 2014

Today I want to talk about emergencies in life, you know when drastic things happen, your partner gets sick, you elderly parent(s) need care, god forbid you are diagnosed with an illness that needs you to slow down…. you can’t maintain the same work pace…the same lifestyle… well does your life fall apart at that point?? I know, doom and gloom but questions worth asking in ADVANCE BELIEVE YOU ME….WHY?


In 2012 my mother, a 64 year old who was super fit, very intelligent, retired chemist, an avid bushwalker and paraglider, suffered an aneurism in the brain… a brain bleed…. out of the blue as she was changing out of her day clothes for the night… she suddenly screamed “my head” and fell down….it was a “level 5” bleed they told us… which meant as bad as it gets…. they told me to say my goodbyes to her on that Wednesday night 6th of June, 2012.

It was a fateful night, despite the fact that they (the neuro unit at the hospital) refused intervention to save her life saying that the damage is too far gone BUT I had NO intention of letting my mother go…. she was simply amazing and a fighter! That decision not to allow them to write her off, cost me 12 months of my full time life and a further 12 months in part time care…. a total of 24 months, which I gladly gave because my mother lived and strived.

In ICU with mum – keeping positive!

The effort, expense and sacrifice it took to bring her to where she is today, is not for the faint hearted! Just to give you an idea, we had our own neurosurgeon intervene to ensure she got operated on, otherwise “sorry no intervention….,” I lived in the RPA hospital ICU unit, sleeping on a chair in the isolation unit for 6 weeks because frankly the nurse response was too slow in an emergency and there was a major emergency daily until she stabilised 4 months later. My sister and I were in hospital every day, full days, for exactly 11 months until she was released to go to rehabilitation….. all that is great but if I had been an employee or a ‘traditional’ business owner, what would have happened to me? Would I have just let my mum die because I couldn’t afford the expense, time and effort? Would I have acted the same and let my finances collapse? Lost my home, my assets, taken my kids out of the expensive private schools??

11 months after her injury, still in hospital but alive, well and smiling! I am pleased to say that she is now back at home.

That would have been my picture had I been an employee or even a big time corporate… thankfully though, I have been working in my home-based business for 14 years now… not because it’s the lesser option but because a home-based business can be run from any laptop anywhere.

During these 12 months where I did almost no work, to speak of, I was able to have my laptop there in the ICU isolation unit, or in the ward and whilst nurses were attending to my mum, I checked emails, I got virtual support, admin support via my brilliant staff…. who all stepped up. In other words, my business went on as normal….my finances did not take a hit.

If you stop and think of the magnitude of what I am saying here you’ll know that having a lucrative home-based business in times of crisis is a near miracle! You see, in crisis, you NEED more money not less… if you can’t ‘go to work’ go out there and do stuff….well, you lose your income source and you are in double trouble.

The Refund Specialist System is a fully portable business, a true home business….. once your home business is set up and established, you can run it from anywhere – I have run mine from the beach (up to 3 months at a time), from a sail boat in the Caribbean and the South Pacific and from 5 Sydney hospitals, including St George hospital and the RPA.

To tell you the truth I always thought I needed the portability and flexibility of a home based business so I can travel and see the world but until that fateful nite on the 6/6/12, I never realised what the benefits of my home business would be if life forced me to be bound attending to a crisis. It wasn’t until 2012 that I truly got to appreciate what a home business afforded me. You see, all I needed was my laptop, wifi access and my mobile phone… what a blessing!

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