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7 June 2016

Hi Guys,

I am currently island hopping the stunning South Pacific and my office environment changes, depending on what I am doing around the balmy palm tree islands of the south pacific island group of Vava’u – but no matter where I am I mix up work & play, fresh coconut juice in one hand, laptop in front me and my phone on roaming- my customers and staff can contact me here in the remoteness of the South Pacific exactly the same as they would in good old Sydney.  This is my office for this morning, not bad!

I am writing this article, doing another hour of work then I am off to put my feet in the sand & play with my 7 year old and get myself a tan.

I am a ‘freedom  driven entrepreneur,’ this is a term I coined to really describe what I do.  I am a business woman, but my drive… My DRIVER IS FREEDOM.

Some people are driven by greed only, money, money, money…. Which is fine.

Some people are driven by fear… (how am I gonna feed myself and my family?) which is negative and not so fine.

Some people are driven by status & recognition (ego)…. Fine if its your thing.

And some people are driven by the need for absolute freedom, freedom to make a choice, to do what they want when they want, in which ever way they want… these are my kind of people.

This is my driver. Freedom, seeking it, expanding it. And helping others to attain freedom as well… this is my BIG VALUE.


And you know we all can change our driver, change how we live, and how much freedom we allow ourselves.

We are our own freedom ‘fighters’ and our own jailers.  It took me years to get that.

I have been a freedom driven entrepreneur now for 15 + years, initially my motivation was to find the perfect business to provide me with the money & time to enjoy my kids & my lifestyle.

This came quickly, NOT EASILY…BUT QUICKLY. By quick I mean within 2 years (which is very quick in the business scene) as many of you know the key to my freedom was operating as a refund consultant. I then sold my agency and started teaching others how to achieve the same success I enjoyed.

I believe we are in an amazing time in history where business is easier, cheaper, and quicker to set up. Now a good home based  has to be portable!  (Here’s the freedom thing again)

As you guys know my kids  have seen the world. We go to Tahiti for a months at a time, sail the Caribbean for months at a time discovering new places. We loved Tonga so much we got a beach house there so we can go and “hang out” any time. I have just returned from a 4 week  trip to India, trekking around mountainous Uttrakhand, visiting mountain villages with the awe inspiring Himalayan mountains all around..

at the moment  I am staying in Vava’u for a few weeks before heading on another leg of our trip…. I enjoy different cultures, foods and meeting new friends – it’s great for kids, and that’s how life is supposed to be lived!

Now the interesting thing: my home business never skipped a beat, with a laptop in my bag, and my phone on international roaming, it’s work & play as usual.

If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself, ditching your job and starting a home based business, or even developing a second income stream then I would love to assist you! Check out the Refund Consulting Program on Create Business it’s one of  the best programs to enable people to do just that! BUT if this is not your thing, and you have a question or want a little guidance towards a business that suits you that can deliver YOUR VERSION OF WONDERFUL…. Then drop a message on our website and I would love to assist you the best I can (keep in mind I am enjoying the tropics and on coconut time right now:)… so will reply but it might not be lightning fast).

So go on follow the road to freedom, visit our website to find out more. Ok, over and out it’s swimming time, followed by happy hour! ?

To know more call us on 1800 61 71 11