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16 years ago I did something crazy! 9 months pregnant, toddler in tow and with an unemployed husband…. I chucked in my career as a vocational Trainer (VET trainer) and decided to start my own business!I chose an industry I knew nothing about, and industry where very little literature can be found ,  and where there was no teachers to guide you….. But, with one of my favourite quotes in mind (“boldness has genius, power and magic in it”) and the absolute conviction that I WILL succeed, I dived in. I spent money I did not have, mortgage and massive credit card debt in tow. My own husband called me “nuts”. What resulted was the most spectacular success I have ever experienced.I was HUNGRY. and my life changed so fast my head was spinning.  inwardly, I was changing and success brought enormous confidence and challenges of the ego that comes with quick success, slowly, I had to learn to be comfortable with success, confidence and money. Outwardly, we were able to dress well, first thing was to out our ‘dog ugly’ hyundai and replace it with a brand new BMW fully optioned, then it was out of cramped unit living and in with stylish home living….. holidays followed, etc.

This was not a short lived success, it grew and has been a 16-year journey, where I have had to learned to redefine success…. and expectations.

The greatest gift I can give in gratitude to my good fortune, is to offer the same golden opportunity to others. To provide others with the road map to the same journey to success I used. Having said that, the map is not the territory. I can give you the map at a cost, but the terrain, the conditions, the health quality of the traveller, the timing/ luck or synchronicity…..well, that differs and makes all the difference in the world also.

So I hope to cover the territory in details through my blog.

Till we speak again, yours in success.

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