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I have just come back from a 5-week break in the South Pacific, taking time out and lying in a hammock reading, and just staring out at endless shades of blue ocean day in day out. It’s so therapeutic… you get affected by the people’s super laid back mindset, and you slow down. You aren’t pushing and shoving. You don’t check your messages every half an hour anymore and you relaxxxxxx.

It made me think of how insane our Western lifestyle is in light of our happy go lucky South Pacific neighbours.

You know in 5 weeks in Tonga I didn’t hear one person say “I am busy.”

The insanity of life in the West really dawned on me:  we keep our selves busy busy busy–we are shopping while emailing someone and getting a call all on the way of picking up the kids, wow. We take such pride in the words “I am so busy.”

Like being busy gives us more value.

This sort of lifestyle can take the juice out of life, and actually hold you back.

For instance, I’ve had the best ideas when I’ve stopped hustling and just taken time out. When I am chilling in that hammock staring at the endless blue that’s when I get my best ideas. I am not feeling blocked and restricted and it flows.

Just being. It’s a ‘head space’ worth visiting, and will pay dividends…

You see, there’s the hustle and bustle of “do, do, do” and then there’s also relaxing enough to actually think…and reflect, dream and plan.

So you just don’t run around in circles like a chook with its head cut off. ?

When someone asks how are you, don’t say, “I am ok, sooo busy.” ?

Busy doing what of real value??

So trust your instincts, let your mind rest, and allow yourself time to dream and reflect.  And if you say, “I am too busy, I can’t right now”  guess what, you ARE in need to step off that treadmill pronto. I tell you I took my own advice and it works!:)

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