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So for the second time this year, I find myself in Nam. Ho Chi Minh or as it is still locally called ‘Saigon’ beckoned me…

and here I am, so huge shout out to you from Ho Chi Minh City, I hope you are having a great week.

I’ve been back in Vietnam for a week now having visited in early February and deciding I LOVED the place and had to come back for my birthday.

I am a simple girl, right. If I love something I keep doing it. If I hate something well you guessed it… I never ever do it… sensibilities be damned!

life is way, way, way too short to be sensible my friend!?

I believe that we are given every opportunity to make our dreams a reality and that you never need to compromise.

I use visualisation to make things materialise in my life. I am and always will be a very simple girl, I get criticised for it by people ( who are usually dying from ‘over-analysis paralysis’ or the ‘over sensibility boredom syndrome’ yes I made them up?, but they DO exist….lol!:)- If you ask me what my secret to success is to designing my lifestyle layer by layer i would have to say…

1. I am simple so I keep it simple.

2. I am a big dreamer and a bigger believer

3. I am an action girl… there is not much between dreaming and actioning for me. It goes like this; Think. DO… If I really want it, I go do it… again, simple right? It’s faith-based, and keeping the faith in a sceptical world keeps you fresh & happy.

And 4. I don’t believe anyone needs to conform to anything, not to social expectation, social norms or political correctness… Your heart should be your guide!

I am on a journey chasing growth & bliss, I choose my experiences without compromise. Don’t worry about being seen as an oddball, let’s be honest’normal’ is dead boring, and boring is deadly:)

To give you an example of how I operate I combined two favourite things for an amazing moment…I love motherhood, I love LOVE being pregnant, I love giving birth (I love having babies), I also love business & closing deals… I had a perfect moment in July 2008. I was 40 years old, just gone through another dream pregnancy and was in labour with my third child, during that god awesome pregnancy I had also negotiated a business deal that was worth about 1.7 million dollars in pure profit, but like everything in business, there was negotiations and contracts and they drag on!:)

So there I was in the labour ward doing final business negotiations, facing a final signed agreement and being on the phone receiving instructions that the deal was done. Mind you I was in labour and the midwife was very “judgy” of me… ‘ you do realise you ARE IN LABOUR??!’ she said crossed with me and jabbing me with a pethidine shot…I got off my 3rd and final business call:)

I smiled at her, I looked at my phone, an SMS said ‘ all signed & sealed’, my business deal was done- I was $1.7 mil richer… and I was feeling so high, as I was about to welcome another soul into this amazing world we live in… To say I was ‘crazy happy’ would have been way understated!:)

To the judging midwife, I was crazy, but I just combined my ‘loves’ to create an experience that made me super happy… perfect moments & I LOVED IT…. and 3 1/2 months after my 3rd child was born I packed us all up and went sailing for 6 weeks in the Caribbean on a 65-foot catamaran…which created other blissfully happy space for me and mine. Some people frowned on me taking a 14-week old baby sailing in open sea. To me, it was perfect memories… None of these experiences happen by accident. I made the choices early on that I will not compromise, it was never going to be motherhood or business- it’s both, it was never going to be responsible or following my nomadic yearnings- it’s both.

And it doesn’t have to always be something big like ‘making a ton of cash or birthing a new soul to our world’ … it can be as simple as my recent obsession with Pho:)

A Vietnamese soup dish that shifted my taste and colours my world. Check out my video about it here. It’s just light-hearted fun:)

This brings me to why I am writing this. Because we are all looking for the same thing. Our bliss. That which truly makes us happy… should be simple, yet so many people don’t even dare ask their heart ‘what is that that would make their ‘soul sing with joy’…. and even fewer would dare leave the slavery that is their current circumstances to go for their heart’s desire. These people see themselves as ‘ sensible’, and ‘ responsible’ they use justification to reason and justify being ‘plain old cowardly’… You see to that midwife in the labour ward I was a crazy woman, ‘ like, who does deals while eminently about to give birth?’ To me it was living an AMAZING moment, doing everything I love at the same time.

Life is simple… know what makes you really happy and pursue it.

Step out and life will support you on your journey. It doesn’t mean you won’t have ups &downs, but you will have fun doing it!

I hope you enjoyed my message today, check out my Myriam Borg Travels pictures and videos from my current trip of Vietnam and Cambodia.

God bless you,

More about Myriam Borg Travels coming soon.

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