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SELF-REALISATION Is The Foundation To Balance Your Life.

First of all, we should start by looking at all the various aspects of our lives that we are constantly dealing with and trying to keep in balance like our job, personal relationships, family, health, friends, financial growth, spiritual development, etc.

Then, ask yourself this question…

“Do we able to devote sufficient time and energy to all that important areas in life? Or we just covered one side, and has been trapped in that direction?”

Yes, we should figure it out! It is very important to know because others cannot do this for us. No one can think, breathe, feel, see, experience, love or die for us.

And with that, I believed that SELF-REALISATION is the foundation to balance our life.

Therefore, it’s really up to us to balance all the different aspects of our lives… We just have to decide how to do it! ?

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