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Myriam Borg

Good Morning! 19 years ago I couldn’t have imagined waking up and living the laptop lifestyle that I do today.

This morning, I got up, went for a walk along Silver Beach in Thailand Koh Samui, after I watched the sun rise over the beach, I picked up a coffee and fruit smoothie along the way.

Sure, I am still working while I site see, when my phone buzzes, I answer it and then get on with what I’m doing. Lifestyle to me is as much sanity as it is balance in my day.

When I first realised that corporate life wasn’t for me, I was working 9-5 in the city, commuting 2 hours each way every day, I had a mortgage and was heavily pregnant with my second child.

Still, I felt like I owed it to myself to at least give it a shot! So I felt the fear and DID IT ANYWAY!

Fast forward to today… I run my portable business from where ever I please! The choice is my own, I work from the beach, my hotel room, the pool, or while I am out exploring this new place with my family.

This is the power of a freedom business in action!

If you feel as passionately about this style of living as I do then write back to me and tell me YOUR thoughts!

Or alternatively…

CALL: 1800 617 111

I want to hear YOUR story! ?

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