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Refund Specialist Freedom Business And Lifestyle

Greetings from my office this morning! ?

I am currently sitting down checking over my emails while watching the waves roll in over Silver beach, Koh Samui, Thailand.

And what a sight she is…

One of my biggest frustrations is meeting people who don’t dream big enough.

‘I don’t want much, I just want to earn enough to live and support my family…’


They don’t know just how achievable this lifestyle really is and how simple running your own fully portable business can really be!

I was like that, I wrote a full list… it looked like this- 1. work from earn high 6 figures, 2. home school my kids till high school, 3. Travel and be a nomad with my kids in tow, every 3 months 4. Own a waterfront home with sandy beach, 5. have a large sports boat 6. have a home for each of my kids debt free 7. have a brand new BMW & a Jeep for the beach 7. Spend 70% of my time with my kids, family and dear friends 8. to have a cook & a cleaner part time, so I dont have to do too much in that department while home.

LISTEN carefully… I thought it would take me my WHOLE lifetime to achieve that vision. I started writing that vision down with a net worth of $273, I actioned, actioned actioned. It took 7.5 years… That is the power of child like vision with faith & go get ’em ACTION. at 37, I retired, went to Moorea Tahiti for 6 weeks with my kids ( and no retirement didnt work out for me:)))… I just had to get a BIGGER VISION.

LESSON 1; Start With a BIG visions people!!!

Now the business vehicle will make you the $$ to fund your life & visions.

Just ask one of our countless successful clients;  Monica! She made her first 7 refunds in 10 weeks- she went from being a complete rookey to a pro!

I have seen people do some truly incredible things with this business model, even more so than me!

I have seen people do some truly incredible things with this business model, even more so than me!

So don’t let people make you think that dreaming small keeps you from disappointment.

Knowing and looking back at what you COULD have done is always worse.

Decide today to live with NO REGRETS!

Dream BIG and Aim HIGH!

xox Myriam