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Create Business Refund Specialist System, A Business Model Built For Your Best Lifestyle

by Myriam Borg Business Reviews

Greetings from Krabi!

This is my office for the next week, not bad!

Create Australia Refund Consulting Program’s core mission has been about Freedom, we are an organisation that encourages people to design their lifestyles to suit themselves.

We live in a world that imposes itself on us, a world that is not made for our comfort… Timetables that stress us out, careers that are unsustainable, dreams that are out of reach. It does not need to be like this. By helping you establish viable, portable businesses we assist you to design lives that work around you, creating a world that works for YOU. And we walk the talk! ?

Right now, I am in Krabi Thailand running a global business from my iPhone while enjoying family travels.