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My Rags To Riches Story

The other day, I was going through my photo album and I came across a certain picture I remembered all too well. It was a photo taken of me in the year 1999. As i looked at that photo, a flood of emotions & memories came back to me. Let me give you an idea of what I was feeling at the time…

And hopelessness

There I was, sitting cross legged on the timber floor with a frown on my face, a big pile of papers all around me and a bassinette where my baby boy (Jordan) lay sleeping, only a few weeks old.

At that time, we were struggling financially, and living in a cramped, cold unit with very few luxuries.

Our lives were a mess. We had tried dozens of different business opportunities without success. I am almost embarrassed to look back at some of the scams we fell for over the years.

And the more depressed I became about my situation, the tougher it seemed to dig myself out of the black hole I was sitting in.

God I wanted to CHANGE.

My Rags To Riches Story I remember going to bed on the night of which this photo was taken and crying myself to sleep. I was so miserable.

Oh God, help me! I prayed. Help me climb out of this rut and enjoy the sort of lifestyle I know I am capable of. Help me provide a better life for my children.

The next morning I woke up at 6am with a lighter feeling. I had a bounce in my step which came out of nowhere.

And then, just after lunch I was watching television and something just clicked inside of me.

I was watching a show about lost superannuation funds and how this mob was getting paid to track the money for people who were willing to share the bounty. These guys found the money, returned it to their rightful owner and took a percentage of the money found.

It was win-win. Everybody was happy at the end of the transaction. And it was something I could sink my teeth into. After all, if people didn’t claim their money, it would just get handed straight back to the government.

I had a feeling I could do even better. And so I set out to do just that.It was tougher than I thought because nobody wanted to show me their secrets. Needless to say, I took a lot of wrong turns and hit a lot of dead ends.

But eventually I cracked the code. Slowly, the whole process became easy. And by working no more than 25 hours a week, I managed to get my life to a stage where today:

I run a small business empire from the comfort of my couch (or if truth be told a hammock in my small cottage overlooking Port Maurelle beach in the south pacific where I am right now, laptop in hand, typing this out)
I can take time out for lunch to spend with a friend any day I like…
I can jump on my private boat and join my fam for lunch on a nearby island
I can stay at home with my children and hang out in the garden, only work the hours which suit me
I can travel the world and work from my computer anywhere I want and do that 6 times a year
I even have a cleaner twice a week (something I’ve always wanted)

In a nutshell, I’ve got the Freedom, I wanted.

I wrote a simple list of what it needs to look like then ticked the list one by one. its ACTUALLY THAT simple.

The written (and spoken) word in a congruent person hold massive powers of manifestation.

My Guides…

I only take guide from the greats, you know; Jesus, Buda, Ghengis Khan, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Cleopatra, The goddess Isis… it might sound weird to you…but FRANKLY taking guide from the Kardashian or the fruit loops in hollyweird sounds weird to ME, so yeah:)

I’m no genius. I prayed and manifested (they call it getting lucky) this opportunity and had the hunger to do what ever it took to develop a system to turn my life around. It was hard work, but boy was it WORTH it!

Then one day, I thought to myself: “Myriam, there’s more people who need refunds out there than you can possibly help. Why don’t you share your business system with others?”

And that’s when I decided to invest over 3 years into putting together my system which shows anyone how YOU can do it too, without having to jump through all the hurdles and hit dead ends along the way.

read about it on;

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All for now,

Myriam xox