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I am a massive advocate for living a life of ABSOLUTE freedom. Now, personally, I don’t mind working. In fact I enjoy the stimulation. What I hate is “restriction” and I despise having to live or work according to someone else’s rules! Years ago, as an “ employee” I had to commute for 3 hours a day to sit on someone else’s grubby desk under neon lights…. The question that had to be asked was “WHY?” I mean, I had a perfectly nice timber desk at home with brilliant natural light flooding in from a massive window in the study. In those “employee” years, I had to clock in at my neon lit office at 8:45am and could clock out at 5:00pm. Now 5:00pm was not realistic since there was something called “performance” that I had to maintain or I lost my “job”. In reality, it was clocking in at 8:45am and clocking out at 6:30pm. I commuted from 5:45am to drop my baby at the carer before getting to the city. It was still dark and morning.On the way back it was the reverse and it was dark when I got home. STUPID! I work best between 6:30pm and 12:30pm so why should we all clock in at set times? There is no real reason!As an employee, I had to produce 20 times my wage, otherwise I was not a “productive employee.” I had to be responsible to productivity. Now here’s the thing: I was productive, I was responsible, I was working hard; so why did I get paid so little?It dawned on me that, like most people, I was getting dressed in clothes that I had to buy “for work”, driving through horrendous peak hour traffic in a car that I was still paying off, in order to get to the job, so that I can pay for the “office clothes”, pay for the car that takes me to work, and pay for my home (that is left empty all day) in order to afford to live in it. Does that sound familiar?Once it all dawned on me I started to see how utterly crazy it all was!Today I value TIME more than anything, apart from my family. You see, you can never ever get more time. Time is the most valuable commodity of them all!

I believe you only have ONE chance at this life and it should be lived the way YOU WANT! Not the way society wants you to live or the way the government says you should live! So, once that all sunk in the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, I live my life exactly as I want. My 11 year old is passionate about Greek mythology; we go to Greece for 4 weeks so he can study their ancient culture up close. If the family wants to treasure dive the Caribbean we hop on a big catamaran and sail round the Caribbean pretending to be pirates!

Think of your vision of wonderful, and then look at what vehicle or business that can get you there by reading up on my home based business. This is the portable home based business lifestyle in action!

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