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Seoul, Korea

I love travelling to new places. Traveling is a way to challenge one’s self, to remain flexible and fluid. I am not a flexible person by nature; I like things done my way so you can imagine when that ideal is challenged, then I am  really challenged.

There is no better way to challenge one’s self than going to a totally ‘foreign’ country… what do I mean? Well a place that has no English language, for one thing.The language barrier can challenge the most mild mannered person and take them into a frenzy–when you talk but NO one understands you! What’s more some places have different none verbal communication all together.I have great none verbal communication but if it’s not relevant to the culture you are in, guess what, it’s useless! My current place of choice is South Korea where my family and I are hanging out. In South Korea my none verbal communication, my facial expressions, and my hand gestures mean very little!:)   So add that to the locals’ lack of understanding in English means they don’t get my attempt to be understood via gestures! ?
Here in Seoul, there are very few signs in English, EVERYTHING is in Korean, if you are lost you can’t even copy the street sign on a piece of paper and try to google the street name, you can feel really, really lost! So, why do I do it, to go somewhere totally foreign unprepared and figure out how to get by, you ask?  I mean is that any kind of holiday?  well its my kind of holiday BECAUSE it challenges me. It keeps me sharp and it allows me to develop ways to survive where it’s very difficult.
We developed a way of getting hotel staff (who barely speak English) to write things down on little sticky notes, which we then showed to relevant people (taxi drivers,  bus drivers, random person on the road). How do you figure out how to go from A to B on the public train system when nothing is in English and Google Maps is actually inaccurate? You become systematic, very systematic. You see their language as images and you problem solve. And that’s good, it sharpens you up. Because in business only the sharp survive. I get a sense of accomplishment from it, frustrating as it is; it makes me grow and gives my kids survival skills you cant buy any other way.

Which brings me to an important point about business. In the business world you need to be a hard core survivor. You need to enjoy challenges, and you need to have serious tenacity.

So here’s the thing, whilst you see me of travelling the world, working portably while enjoying an amazing lifestyle, what you need to realise is that it is a result of very hard work, tenacity and real discipline. So if you are considering being in business for yourself and reaching for that dream, you need to get real. Portable home business is still business; it takes hard work to set that up and no one will do it for you. If you find working for a boss too hard now, let me save you a whole lotta trouble: it’s 3 times as hard to SUCCESSFULLY work for yourself to maintain the best home business in Australia. If you enjoy playing victim a lot as is rife in our ‘your are never to blame for your failures ( cause someone else is always responsible)’ western culture, guess what, you are not suited for business. Business will break you. So I will give you the advice I give my kids, it goes like this ‘you are always always always responsible for everything that happens in your life.’

Everything that happens in your life is a RESULT of what you think, what you do and what you choose to ignore, or not do.

there are no victims. There is reality, as is. its called life.

If you want to see how things really are, go to India or Egypt where if you do not work and know how to survive you may end up begging on the streets. It’s harsh reality; ‘Reality’ being  something we are desperately lacking in our society-   if any of this is too harsh for you, stick to  what you are currently doing, because business is a game you either survive or die.

In Korea I gave my two older boys 60,000 WON (equivalent to AUD $80.00) and told them to tour the city for a full day and come back safe to our hotel. They have no skills in the Korean language and had to use the public transport system. Nothing–as in nothing–is in English… they survived and, in fact, they loved it so much they are planning another trip to south Korea.

Now I am not sure why I am writing this out, I think we tend to be so politically correct as Australians and the older I get the more real I want to be. My opinion is a reflection of our company brand, so if you agree then we are on the same page. If you don’t agree with my opinions… even better. There are many business gurus and business products that could be better suited for you. Here at Create Business we only want the few who see things our way, since this creates a synergy that can propel you to success as you set out in your own home business.

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