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By Create Business Refund Specialist System Founder

Answer this question honestly

Besides your paycheck, what does your job give you? Does the work you do fulfill you?

Most people get nothing out of their job besides income, socializing with their coworkers, happy hours, a few benefits. Their job is the thing they do so they can have a life – but they spend more time at their job than they do anywhere else.

If you ask most businesses why they exist besides making money, they probably won’t even have an answer.

The framework society constructed around employment and compensation requires us to trade our time for money under the agreement that the sole point of business is to generate revenue.

It’s not just boring – it’s soulless.

I have just come back from a nice session of horse riding, (see my riding pics here).

Not bad for a Thursday morning! ?

And I am currently frantically preparing to head off overseas for 2 weeks of glamping in the South Pacific for a little R & R. I love nature and island life so can’t wait! We will take in the sun and enjoy diving in the clearest waters on earth. ?

At age 21, I dreamed the most amazing life, a life filled with travel, a happy family and adventure; in other words a life that’s totally EXTRA!

29 years later, I have exceeded my dreams….

I have the fortune of living life on my own terms.

If I want to take time out to go and watch my kid’s athletics carnival… I can

If I want to take the morning off to go riding… I do

If I want to fly overseas with the ability to work from where ever I like… Nothing is stopping me!

Now I am not saying this to brag… I am telling you this so that you realise what is truly possible for people with the will to see their dreams turn into reality.

Just imagine waking up tomorrow and living the life you’ve always wanted to.

If you had the ability to live life on your own terms…

What life would you build for yourself?

The first step is clarity…. followed by more clarity and good planning. If anything is possible what would your day, week, month, year look like?

I am going to be manning my email! I can’t wait to hear about what you come up with! ?

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