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For about 70% of our existence, we all operate from a subconscious level, on autopilot  and understanding this is essential to changing or attempting to improve your life, especially to people who maintain daily routines for our work from home.  When there is a burst of sudden emotions or when we become angry, blood flows directly from our front brain all the way to the middle brain. at that point our minds are no longer thinking rationally.  ‘in emotion’ we lose rationale, We end up being unreasonable and we want to fight or run away immediately from the situation we are dealing with. its called fight or flight, and its triggered by strong emotions. And sometimes, it is the urgent desire of coming up with a perfect result which leads to the inability of accomplishing simple tasks.  It affects everyone young and old alike.

Change Your Life by Eliminating Anger or Using It To Propel Yourself

One way to be aligned & manifest your goals is to focus on them. Focus is key.   Don’t get distract by others and what ‘THEY’ are doing.   you are different, your goals are different to everyone else. and so while everyone is entitled to their own actions depending on how their life story goes or what they have been through.  What is effective to us may not be effective to others.  Your voluntary action to help someone might lead to negative reactions.  Sometimes watching someone achieve something you can’t seem to attain can lead to mixed emotions,  confusion and anger.  In this life, you will experience anger. some people will experience it a lot others not as much – but anger is a fact of life.  Biologically speaking functions when you are in ‘ anger’ its like the blood shuts off the thinking part of our brains. As a result, we cannot use our brain effectively.

Dealing With Anger to Change Your Life

Your brain is a powerful tool to give direction to your life and if it is not working, it becomes a liability and not an asset anymore. I have come to believe that this universe is perfect in its entirety and what needs to happen is actually happening. However, during challenging times that we get really pissed off, we get lost and all we have to do is eventually go back. This happens to me but I just need an eye-opener. As soon as I realize that anger can lead me to nowhere, the creative part of my brain is switched on again. and I get to reflect on why this particular situation or person made me so mad. By reflecting on my anger burst, I use my anger to grow as a person & eventually  I am able to create the reality that I want that I didn’t realize was even possible before.

I was a very angry young person, but my ability to reflect & use that anger as a tool for growth helped me change my life completely and I hope you could change your life, and your work from home business into a success, too.

Take another look at your options, go to and read about what this business is, listen to the videos and audios of our customers and see what they say about it…. wishing you all the best, always.

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