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Gordon Gecko said it. “Greed is good.”

Gordon Gecko was the fictitious character in a movie called, Wall Street.

When he said that, initially it stirred my stomach up. At the time, I was struggling and couldn’t really relate to high-flying stock market gurus fleecing companies and destroying jobs in the process.

So, is greed good or bad?

Here’s another take on it.

You may have heard this recently in the media. It comes from the great man, Warren Buffet.

He said:

“When there’s a lot of greed, it’s time to be fearful and when there’s a lot of fear, it’s time to be greedy.”

So is Mr. Buffet saying that greed is GOOD

I suppose it just comes down to perspective and more importantly the TIMING.

Right now I think it’s time to be greedy. Get into your own business to develop a smart income stream so you can invest for your future.

Truth is, greed is another word for ambition; wanting more.

After years of struggling with the concept, I finally settled that;

it’s ok to want more…

It’s ok to give my family everything they ever want…

it’s ok to see my dreams as a reality…

It’s taken 15 years for me to say this but “greed is good.”

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