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I get this all the time – “I love the idea of working from home but risking $5k is too scary” or “I want to work in this industry from home but am not to willing to risk my money”

Okay I am going to say it….nothing changes if nothing changes. I think “fear of risk” is the most harm you can do to yourself and your family. In order to suceed you need to take a lot of calculated measured risks, you must go into the unknown a little, get your foot in the door in business, and use that money to invest in real estate or blue chip shares or both Success is never by coincidence its following a VERY basic formula – 1. Mind your own business 2. Invest 10- 20% of every cent you earn 3.
Wake up 10 years later wealthy.

Money spent on clothes is dead money. Money spend on none appreciating cars (none classic collectors cars) is dead money, money spent on food indulgences, big screen TV and other gadgets is dead money – by dead money I mean you may as well have burned that money because what you have used it for is not an asset… an asset makes you more money. It appreciates and can be sold for much more money than what you bought it for. AND YET I get people saying buying a business system is risky but they think nothing of spending 3 thousand dollars on a big screen TV… but to spend it on a business opportunity or an investment is “risky” AND to THEM this actually makes sense. To me that is insanity!

I would rather “risk” $10K on an investment that could pay dividend then blow it on 3 couches and a big screen TV that will be worth less than 10% of their price ticket the second they walk out of the store…. and the result between the two ways of thinking is MASSIVE.

“For a real life example – lets go back 15 years. I was 30 years of age, and my girlfriend was 30 years of age. My friend always took pride in having the latest gadgets, having new furniture, big screen TVs, renting a big house for entertaining – new cars (nothing amazing) but just new….. and eating out regularly, and always on Saturdays and Sundays additional, they enjoyed expensive wine, buying way too much clothes for herself endless kids activities…. She always said “we have a lifestyle to maintain”. Her and her husband worked hard to afford this.

Then there was me, at age 30, I made different choices – I lived in a small unit but it was mine (well the bank’s but still ownership:), I drove a second hand Hyundai, we had one car, we didn’t spend on gadgets in fact i had a second hand rigidy diggidy old computer & all our furniture was second hand ff eBay (but lovely taste!:)…. I risked everything on a new ‘hair brain idea’ as my husband called it… but with conviction and a will to get out of the rat race. The hair brain idea turned out to be a major winner. I worked very hard, and I worked very smart…. as I made money, I didn’t buy new furniture or gadgets, or plash on a new wardrobe…

Initially I reinvested in my business – I paid off debts, I got my head above water….

By age 35 the difference between my girlfriend and myself was obvious. 5 years of me diligence doing business and being smart with my money. invested in real estate and shares. We lived simply indulging in only a couple of dream holidays to this point. The investments shot up. our mortgage was paid… in what seemed overnight to anyone looking in. We went from struggling to owning a home on the water front, driving BMWs, and having a boat parked at the end of our jetty…. travelling and really relaxing as you can only do when you are no longer stressed about money… girlfriend? Was still renting, maintaining her “lifestyle” and struggling with rising rent, and expensive school fees. They had no investment, didn’t own a home, didn’t have shares, they earned good money and spent more than they earned.

15 years later – we are literally worlds apart. I followed the same formula, work from home, be frugal and diligent, invest invest invest…. except of course, because I have invested 15 years smartly – what is possible for me is not even imaginable for my girlfriend.
I gained confidence, and have been running my business while I travelled the world for years now, travelling and residing between my homes here and overseas…. my investments include an island in the south pacific which I am currently happily designing the ultimate luxury beach hut on…. in business you make a lot, you lose a lot and you are always taking risks…its part of the excitement.. But that is not “RISK” to me or anyone who is doing well…. to me spending on doodads & useless commodities is a risk, not growing your earning capacity – your business, your passive income capacity THAT is risk.

And so next time you talk to me about getting into business at $5k as a risk remember I will be saying “hummmm sure I understand your reservation” but really I am thinking ‘you have got to be serious!’
Let me say this “taking business risk is the best return on investment you are ever going to get” ever. I take that risk any day.

Staying in a job. That’s scary. Being addicted to an expensive consumer lifestyle that wont allow you to invest, that’s sheer stupidity…

If I have to do it all again. would I do it all again?…. age 29, pregnant on maternity leave with only $270 in my saving account an unemployed husband and (what seemed at the time) a massive mortgage. Would I sell everything I had in storage and around my home to risk it all on a wild card business? In a heartbeat! …. Why?

Because “taking business risk is the best return on investment you are ever going to get”!

My only regret – I wasn’t gutsy enough, risk taking ENOUGH. But I am working on that!

Successful people don’t view “Business risk” as dirty words, they view them as “an exciting promise of great wins and more learning”. CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION AND YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

To your success always

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Myriam Borg

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