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Do You Really Think You are a Free person?

I read this totally cool article, it talks about how people who live in “first world” places like Australia and the US, Canada, UK and most of Europe are slaves and they don’t even know it. Worse, they all support their own slavery and, in many ways, make themselves more into slaves every day… on purpose!The average person says “hey I am free! I live in a free country” while slaving away for 10 hours per day 5 days per week, sometimes 7! while getting to keep just enough of his income after federal, state, municipality, sales, property, gas, alcohol, cigarette and hundreds of other taxes that he pays – if his wife and kids also slave – sorry, work – 10 hours per day… before he returns home with one eye on the rear view mirror hoping to avoid being stopped by the Overseer… sorry, they call them Officers now, for not stopping completely at a four way stop or by going 5 miles per hour over the speed limits.The great majority of people in the west today actually exist as slaves – the only difference being that the governments of today have improved greatly over the centuries and realize that the slaves produce the most when they believe they are free and when they are given the illusion of freedom – such as choosing their own slave labour ooops, sorry I meant “job”. JOB stands for “just over broke” whether you are earning $20,000 or $250,000 the system is to keep the person just OVER broke. After 12-16 years of Government indoctrination… sorry, education, the slaves even clammer for more enslavement.They love they jobs and want to work harder, so that they can get promoted, the reward a promotion at work where they work many more hours, get taxed at a much higher tax rate, and keep very little from the exercise. But we are free people, living in a free country… right?

Don’t fool yourself; unless you can do what you want, when you want without answering to anyone (‘a master’ by any other name) then you are a slave.

The question to ask is how do I become free….. To know more call us on 1800 61 71 11

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