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Hi, as you know, I work from home. I just love it. In fact, my staff and contractor complain that meetings are always held at my home or local cafe (local to me that is).Well, this morning I had a meeting with a new JV partner. He flew in and was staying at a city hotel. Can I catch up with him for an early morning meeting, he asked? Gosh, I didn’t want to seem rude. So I obliged. I woke up at 5:50am, got ready, and hopped in my comfy BMW, putting my favorite music on. I was determined to enjoy the drive. I mean, it’s not like I do it every day…Boy, was I delusional by the time I got to town in very heavy early morning traffic. I was totally stressed, and full of road rage! I thought of all the people who had to commute to work every single day of the week and what that must do to their mental well being. Yuck! I felt immediately grateful for having a home based business. I’d like to encourage you to use these daily commutes, working for a mean boss or anything else that unbalances your happiness as a a motivation to get you moving towards you becoming your own boss, developing that home business or saving and investing.

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